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3 Years After Facelift Still Experiencing Strange Sensations and Aching, When will this Subside?

I had a deep plane face and necklift 3 years ago (I also had my nose and upper eyelids done at the same time). I am still experiencing aching, and... READ MORE

Would There Be Any Sensation at All in & Around Ears if Greater Auricular Nerve Were Damaged in Mini-lift?

The area around both ears & ear lobes feel numb yet I can sense heat/cold, sharpness, touch etc in the area. Other than the lobes, no other part... READ MORE

Post op numbness following facelift or brow surgery?

What percent of YOUR patients report total restoration of skin sensation so that the face feels EXACTLY as it did prior to their facelift or scalp... READ MORE

Can Devices That Deliver Microcurrents to the Face Be Helpful in Restoring Sensation & Resolving Tightness After Facelift?

My double board certified ps recommends it but I'm doubtful. 4 months after a facelift I still have some small areas of numbness in front of ears... READ MORE

My neck is very swollen after facelift the 24 of feb. I have two "fields" from my ear to my neck, on both sides. Normal?(photos)

I have no pain and only my cheeks are still a bit swollen.I haven't regain all sensation after surgery on cheeks and all ear yet, but it comes back... READ MORE

Severe numbness 6 weeks post face/necklift

Its 6 weeks since I had a face/necklift and the numbness around and including my ears and cheeks seems to be feeling more acute rather than... READ MORE

When wiil I get feeling in my face?

Iam 56 years old .I had a facelift one year ago.I still don't have feeling in my face READ MORE

Is there a way to re-suspend the malar tissue which doesn't involve either transconjunctival or intraoral incisions?

I had a subperiosteal midface lift done via an intraoral/temporal incision around 1 year ago, which left me with only partial sensation in my upper... READ MORE

Sensation loss on face one year after facelift, rhinoplasty, lower lid.

Both sides of my face are still numb from my temples to the cheek bones down to and slightly under the jawline. It feels like masking tape has been... READ MORE

Extensive numbness 2 1/2 years after facelift- any hope of recovering sensation? Can auricular nerve damage ever be repaired?

I live in the UK & did serious research to find the right surgeon.The person I chose was, at the time, the president of the Brit Assoc of Aesthetic... READ MORE

When will full sensation return to my lip and chin after facelift and chin implant done in Feb 2013? Lower lip numb as is chin .

Facelift with chin implant done February 18 in Miami. Chin implant is the problem.lower lip completely numb as Is the chin area below lip. It started... READ MORE

After 6 months, stunned area above the ears and behind the ears. Feeling cramps above my head (Photo)

I performed surgery (endoscopic pan/eye brow lift, face lift with neck, fat injection, eyelids lower ....) ,, loss of sensation above the forehead. I... READ MORE

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