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Lump Behind Ear That Oozed, then a Blue Thread Appeared

5 months after a revision facelift......a tender area behind my ear became a hard lump. A month later it began to just ooze a little bit. Now that the... READ MORE

Facelift at Age 45 - Will I Need a Redo Later?

I understand some doctors believe that a lady should wait until the menopause to have a facelift because most of the changes will shows after this.... READ MORE

Non-surgical Removal of Scar Tissue?

I had a Macs face lift performed June 2010 and a second surgery performed July 2011 to tighten the neck area. (very happy with the results). I do have... READ MORE

Can a Facelift Be Tweaked Afterwards if One Side of my Face is Saggier?

I had a facelift in April, and looked great for several months, but now I see that the right side of my face looks old again -- it has more sag that... READ MORE

Droopy Eye After Mid Face Lift

Mid face plastic surgery 15 days ago. right eye does not blink & lower eye lid has started to droop, eye also tearing. Dr has me tape at night and... READ MORE

How Will Patients Age After a Facelift?

Once you have a Facelift, can you age naturally from that point or do you risk facial distortions without further maintenance? Can you elect to age... READ MORE

Fillers Don't Seem to Work to Volumize my Face?

At age 47 I had a facelift. At age 57 I had a "facelift revision" and now at age 64 I've had another facelift revision. All by the same surgeon. He... READ MORE

Evolution of Facelift Scar. Revision needed? (Photo)

I am 66 years old and had my third facelift done in April 2014 with a different Dr. The scar in front of my left ear is very visible. After asking... READ MORE

Had Facelift and CO2 Laser 1 Year Apart: Resulted in Bags Under Eyes

How do I have this problem corrected, returned to doctor and he wants to do another lower blephoplasty, the first was done when I had the facelift... READ MORE

Neck Revision or Laser Treatment? (photo)

I had a facelift 9 months ago. I had trouble with my neck from the beginning. I posted pictures of it here. My doctor did 2 or 3 laser treatments a... READ MORE

Neck Skin Doesn't Look Even Lifted - 10 Months After Face & Neck Lift. Is This a Common Result? (photo)

Ten months after a face & neck lift (no lipo was done), the skin directly under my chin does not look or feel evenly lifted. One side is taunt and... READ MORE

What is the best surgical or non surgical solution for disappointing lower facelift?

I am at 4 months, post lower FL. Unfortunately, My recovery was longer than expected, and other issues have presented since the surgery. Firstly, my... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, I feel like there are no changes. Should a Facelift get rid of jowls and give you a nice neck line? (photos)

I am really disappointed after my face lift. I had a full face/neck lift and was hoping to see a more youthful me. I feel like nothing changed. It is... READ MORE

Nasal Wall Collapse and Excessive Flare After Mid Face Lift

I have been left with nasal collapse on inhalation and excessive flare and movement when talking and smiling, following a mid face lift 5 years ago.... READ MORE

Is a Giampapa suture a good idea?

I am 13 months post FL/NL and now need a revision platysmaplasty. During the revision procedure, my surgeon plans not only to revise the anterior... READ MORE

16 Year Old Bad, Uneven Facelift, What Less Invasive Treatments Could I Do to Correct?

Sixteen years ago, I had a facelift. The skin on one side of my face was lifted TOO tightly and tautly - it is horribly obvious. The skin on both... READ MORE

What is happening to my neck? (photos)

6.5 months post surgery (out of state - I have been sending my surgeon photos but not heard back from him). The left hand side of my neck has a... READ MORE

Can my face and neck skin be tighter if I get another lift? (Photo)

Me after a face/neck lift and chin implants 14 months ago. I am extremely disappointed. The doctor is very good and amazing with the scalpel. Hardly... READ MORE

I had a facelift and upper eyelid surgery in October 2014. Can it be redone? (Photo)

October 8, 2014 I had a facelift and upper eyes done by Dr. Eric Weiss in Jacksonville, Florida. I was not expecting perfect but i wasn't expecting... READ MORE

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