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What is the best option for repair of a deficit under my chin after neck and facelift?

I had a face and neck lift about a year ago, and I am not happy with the result under my chin area. My PS said a SMG broke thru the fascia that... READ MORE

1.5 yrs post op of Facelift, will the nerves still repair themselves?

I had a rhytidectomy 1.5 years ago. I still have extreme pulling on my right side. My PS had me go to a neurologist. After a lecture by this doctor... READ MORE

I need a NYC oculoplastic surgeon that has success with ectropian repair? (photo)

I am desperate to correct what was done. I had a full face lift, brow and neck lift. I now have festoon that stand out and developed a pea size hard... READ MORE

Chin stitches opened after facelift. Will it scar badly? (Photo)

My doctor forgot to cover the stitches under my chin with tape following a face lift. Three days post op we discovered they split open and the area... READ MORE

Permanent repair for asymmetrical smile lines? (Photo)

Hello if you notice from my photo attached the lines on both sides on my mouth a extremely asymmetrical. This is my face a lopsided appearance when i... READ MORE

Fluid (saliva) buildup behind ear following facelift/brow lift 4 weeks ago. Will this heal itself?

Two weeks after my procedure I started having fluid leak from behind my ear down my neck whenever I ate. Surgeon said may have nicked a salivary gland... READ MORE

Facelift and rhinoplasty 2 weeks post-op: Is this nerve damage and will it repair. (photo)

I had a deep plane facelift, lower lid surgery with fat repositioning and taking away some skin and rhinoplasty 13 days ago. I am having a problem... READ MORE

Extensive numbness 2 1/2 years after facelift- any hope of recovering sensation? Can auricular nerve damage ever be repaired?

I live in the UK & did serious research to find the right surgeon.The person I chose was, at the time, the president of the Brit Assoc of Aesthetic... READ MORE

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