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Suture (Stitch/Thread) Remaining After Surgery is Ok?

After face lift, my surgeon took out suture (thread) and then I found out more sutures. So, my coordinator helped me visit and a nurse took care of.... READ MORE

Nylon Suture Here and There After Facelift on June 19th, 2012. Isn't It Harmful if It Remains over my Life? (photo)

Now 73days after a facelift and brow lift, hair loss directly from scarring was noticed by Dr. Russo (head and face surgeon) in Carle general... READ MORE

Will Post- Facelift Staple Removal Improve Skin Tightening?

Will Removeable of Staples After a Facelift Improve the Tightness in my Face READ MORE

When Are Sutures Removed with a Full Face Lift, Forehead Lift and Small Chin Implant?

When Are Sutures Removed with a Full Face Lift, Forehead Lift and Small Chin Implant READ MORE

I Had a Face Lift Six Weeks Ago and Staples Were Left in My Face? (photo)

I had a face lift and had both sutures and staples removed before leaving on vacation. I discovered they had left in 13 staples when one of them fell... READ MORE

Facelift After Parotidectomy?

Can I have a face lift after a superficial parotidectomy for a benign tumor 6 months ago? READ MORE

Would a deep plane face lift remove fat graft overgrowth? (photos)

I'm 27, and had the fat over 3 years ago. I had a boney, small face with tight skin and I asked to fill in the dark spots only. The fat was overfilled... READ MORE

Can Anchor Sutures Be Removed at 8 Mo?

Can I have dissolvable sutures behind ears removed if causing tightness after 8 mo? I am tired of the banding affect I am feeling. READ MORE

What Should I Do About Old Sutures From Facelift?

Should I continue to wait it out? or should I have a doctor go in and remove the sutures. I do NOT want my throat to feel "thicker" or tighter, the... READ MORE

Can nasolabial folds be removed if my skin is thick?

I had face lift in order to remove nasolabial folds (I am 47) I also had fat transfer in face, forehead lift, upper lower eye lift, neck lift and chin... READ MORE

Should all filler be removed before facelift?

I had filler removed in cheeks and as a result cheeks have sagged and have a dip in them, im not suitable for threadlift as have fatty tissue under... READ MORE

Had Face/Neck Lift and Breast Implants in Mexico. The surgeon told me the stitches can be removed. Problem - no one will remove.

I had a face/necklift and best implants fine in Mexico. My surgeon said the stitches can be removed, but no one will remove them. My primary... READ MORE

How much skin will be removed at Facelift?

How much freedom doctor has at mini facelift? How stiff the result of the skin can be? What determines how much skin will be removed and tie up the... READ MORE

Can permanent sutures used with facelift be removed? (photos)

1+ year after a skin lift (redo) I have scars/mal-positioned earlobes. Revision is no option given lack of skin. But a long permanent suture is poking... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove cheek implants at same time as face lift?

I had cheek implants 5 months ago but they are too large & cause me pain & discomfort when I try to smile. I was told that they have stretched out my... READ MORE

Can a mid-face lift correct ectropion caused by too much skin removal during an upper and lower eyelid surgery?

I once had a facelift and eyelid surgery that left me with ectropion. I’ve had multiple surgeries to correct my ectropion without success. My e... READ MORE

Will a Facelift Help After a Jaw Implant Was Removed?

How to correct any soft tissue deformity that was created by jaw implant removed? Can I regain the original contour of my face by face lift ? READ MORE

What to do with unhappy facelift and cheek lift? I get married in four months. I am 3 months post op. (photos)

I had a facelift, cheeklift , fat removal from cheeks, fat added to nasal fold. I feel I don't look good, I look older and we spent 30 thousand. My... READ MORE

What happens to jowl fat during a face/neck lift? Is it repositioned or removed or a combination of both? (Photo)

I am considering having a face/neck lift and the above photo clearly demonstrates the descending jowls obscuring my jawline. I am 51 and have... READ MORE

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