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Facelift Recovery

Thinking about a facelift, but concerned about taking time off work. When can I go in public without looking like a freak (or like I just had... READ MORE

What is a One-hour Facelift?

How effective is this treatment and what does it it surgery?  Is this as good as a "traditional" facelift? READ MORE

MACS Facelift Scar Healing Time?

I had a MACS Facelift done exactly a month ago. One side of my face seems to be healing well and the other seems like it may have not been stitched... READ MORE

What Level of Pain is Considered Normal After a Facelift?

Should prescribed pain meds be able to numb the pain? If they do not, is something else wrong? READ MORE

Healing Time - Deep Plane Lift Vs. SMAS Lift?

Is the healing time different btwn a deep plane and a smas lift? READ MORE

Recovery Time for Facelift?

I am considering going out of the state for Facelift. How many days should I stay before returning home? READ MORE

Black Eyes After Facelift Surgery

I had a facelift on October 27.  It has been 2 months, and I still have black eyes.  My surgeon said that they usually go away after 2 weeks... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Facelift: Right Side Palsy - What Can I Do?

43 Days After Mid face lift. Right Side Palsy, Can't Smile, Eye Won't Blink. Surgeons Said Should Recover..may Take Months. Getting... READ MORE

How Can I Regain my Youthful Baby Face After my Facelift

I had a SMAS facelift 4 months ago (age 55). I have lost my youthful baby face and have a sculpted face (like all the celebs). Everything is tight... READ MORE

Why Does One Typically Have to Stay Overnight After a Face and Neck Lift?

Why Does One Typically Have to Stay Overnight After a Face and Neck Lift? READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Heal After Facial Fat Grafting to Protect the Cells? (photo)

I had 2nd Facial fat grafting in a series of 3. What can patients do to help improve fat vascularizaton? For instance, can some sleep positions help,... READ MORE

How will taking prednisone affect post-facelift recovery?

I am 5 weeks post-op lower face and neck lift with the expected slow resolution of the swelling. I have just begun a round of prednisone to treat... READ MORE

Facelift recovery and swelling?

Is it necessary to wear a compression mask to control swelling after a facelift? What exactly does the compression do? How long must this be worn? READ MORE

​Is it normal to be on local Anesthesia on a Facelift? Are you totally wide awake?

I am having a facelift done on the 30th of April,when I had my appointment with the Plastic Surgeon he informed me that it would be done using a local... READ MORE

One Month After Face Lift - I Have Puffy, Loose Skin Around my Mouth - Should I Worry?

I had a full face and neck lift one month ago. I saw my surgeon today and asked him about the puffy loose skin around one side of my mouth. The other... READ MORE

Combine or Separate MACS Facelift and Fraxel Repair Procedures?

I am considering having a MACS facelift and Fraxel Repair. The doctor says that the two procedures can be done at the same time. Doing this would be... READ MORE

Are Facelift Compression Garments offered with Natural or Synthetic Fibers?

For sensitive skin, will compression garments irritate skin? Are compression garments worn around the clock, and if so, for how many days? READ MORE

Traveling for a Facelift

I live in Phoenix and have extensively researched all of the local "top docs". Although there are some very talented doctors here, I cannot... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Face The Public 11 Days After MAC Lift and Bleroplasty?

I am having liposuction to thighs and abdomen as well as MAC's lift and maybe bleroplasty will i beable to face the public after 11 days as I am... READ MORE

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