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Is the Cheek Pad the Same As the Buccal Fat Pad? (photo)

Is the cheek pad and the buccal fat pad the same thing? I had an substandard face-lift 15 months ago. It wrecked my eyes. One doctor wanted to lift my... READ MORE

Swollen / Puffy Cheeks & Lower Face After Forehead Lift, Midfacelift and Nose Job

I Just Look Weird,my Cheeks Are Puffed Up and the Lower Portion of my Face Swollen As! i used to have an oval shape face,now after a... READ MORE

One Month After Face Lift - I Have Puffy, Loose Skin Around my Mouth - Should I Worry?

I had a full face and neck lift one month ago. I saw my surgeon today and asked him about the puffy loose skin around one side of my mouth. The other... READ MORE

Puffiness, Lumpiness & Tightness 8 months after full face & eyes lift surgery

- Is there any special medicine I can take or treatment at home I can do, to reduce the rest of puffiness, lumpiness and tightness on the... READ MORE

I've developed two bags under my eyes after fat transfer. They look exactly like festoons. Is this normal?

I am 4 weeks post-facelift with fat transfer under the eyes in the area between where under-eye skin meets upper-cheek skin (malar area?) The... READ MORE

14 week post op Modified Mac Face Lift & still areas of swelling, indents, lumps, dimples & puffiness. Is this normal?

I wake up every morning not knowing where the lumps & bumps will be next! When I massage, it seems to swell and takes 48 hours or so to get back to... READ MORE

I'm only 19 but am considering a facelift. Any other suggestions? For many years I've felt uncomfortable in my own skin (Photo)

Too much puffiness on my face, skin sags below chin.Dislike to this had me experimenting with facial massages/exercises/masks-attempts to slim uneven,... READ MORE

24, thin, pre jowls & fat/puffy lower face. Discouraged from facelift but I've tried injectables w/ no avail. Options? (Photo)

I've been to one consultation & was told an invasive facelift is not a smart move. I've tried filler before (juvederm in cheeks & jowls seperately)... READ MORE

Recovery from facelift, fat transfer and CO2 laser procedure.

I had a facelift, fat transfer (cheeks, temples and a bit in lips) and CO2 laser 7 days ago. How long should the numbness around my ears, sides of... READ MORE

Undereye puffiness, bruising 11 weeks post-procedure (fat transfers/upper bleph/facelift/necklift) (Photo)

I'm 59, 11 weeks post-facelift (w/necklift)/upper bleph/fat transfers to lower lids, tear troughs, & cheekbones. I'm healing well, except for 1.... READ MORE

I am now 2 weeks and 4 days post Endoscopic Mid face Lift Lower eyelid surgery+ Malar (cheeks). Is this normal?

I am now 2 weeks and 4 days post Endoscopic Mid face Lift Lower eyelid surgery+ Malar (cheeks). My cheeks are so swollen and my under eyes are quite... READ MORE

What can I use to help my dry puffy lips heal? (photos)

I didn't think I had any work done to my lips, but found out I have small sutures on each side where fat transfer was injected to help soften fine... READ MORE

Is a Facelift required or can this be improved with injectables? (photos)

See attached pic, hate my lower face area, looks puffy in some areas, and dimply in other areas, saggy? I don't like the area to the left and right of... READ MORE

Puffy cheeks after S lift done in 2006 and again 3 weeks ago. When can I expect to see the final results?

Had an s lift done in 2006 by an excellent PS. I had this procedure again by the same PS this year April and its been three weeks. I still have some... READ MORE

Swelling after mini Facelift. Any suggestions?

Had a mini face lift 3 months ago, under my chin looks puffy will this go, also one ear looks like pixi ear with a small ridge coming down from it,... READ MORE

What is the best procedure(s) for my specific complaints?

I’m a 52 year old female. 2-part question: 1.) Will a FL, (or what procedures) will solve all the following problems: Jowls, hooded eyelids, m... READ MORE

How long should it take for ALL swelling to resolve after facelift, necklift, browlift and fat injections 11 months ago?

I am a very healthy 48 year old woman. I still have residual swelling and puffiness from these procedures 11 months ago. I can feel the swelling in my... READ MORE

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