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What Can I Do About my Very Uneven Face?

The whole left side is lower than the right side. from the eyes nostrols to the lips even. I have used fillers to try to even out my lips. I am... READ MORE

My Lower Lip Pulls to One Side and is Steadily Getting Worse With Age. What Can I Do?

It's not that noticeable when I'm animated, but when my mouth is closed and on photo's it is. It hasn't always been like this- I first... READ MORE

Ptosis with a Swelling in the Lacrimal Glands, What Can I Do? (photo)

My left eye has a ptosis ans there is slight enlargement of the lacrimal glands too accordind to the "CT scan with contrast" report.... READ MORE

Do I Need a Necklift, a Lower Facelift, or Both?

I have had maxillofacial surgery which removed a lot of madibular bone. I now have ptosis under the chin and more fat along the jawline. Can jawline... READ MORE

Is there a downside to having eyes done first and facelift at a later date?

I originally planned for upper and lower bleph with ptosis repair, and maybe lipo, etc under chin area; probably fat transfer too, but seems a... READ MORE

Is there an eyelift that lifts the upper outer corners of the eyelid?

Hello, When I lift up the outer corners of my upper eyelids I really like the way it looks. Is there a type of surgery that does this? Is it a type of... READ MORE

What Are the Surgical Requirements of a SENIOR RESIDENT and the Ptosis Aftermath?

Thank you for all your effort around my situation. But despite your clarifications, isn't it true a senior resident HAS to perform more and more of... READ MORE

Ready for Facelift and Ptosis surgery. Whom and where? Can I have both procedures done at the same time?

Can I have both procedures done at the same time? Are there any ABPS and Oculoplastic surgeons that work together? If not, I'll get the facelift done... READ MORE

Will a facelift help?

Hi doctors. I had jaw and cheekbone reduced and now experiencing soft tissue pitosis. I am 33 years old and have good laxity, however, my soft tissue... READ MORE

14 weeks post face lift and neck lift - swelling under ear and lymph node and submandibular ptosis. (photos)

Post-op facelift/ necklift 14 months. few days ago discomfort under left ear. By end of day whole left side swollen under the jaw line.Past 3 days bad... READ MORE

Does this look like Bell's Palsy or Ptosis?

I 1st noticed my eye was lower than my other eye. But when I take pictures now it seems as if my whole left side of my face is different. What type of... READ MORE

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