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How Does Facelift Surgery Work?

I've been considering a facelift to look younger and get rid of some of the hanging skin along my jawline. What's involved in the facelift surgery?... READ MORE

I have skin sagging around corners of my mouth & chin that makes me look old. What procedure is best to remove this? (photo)

I have skin sagging around the corners of my mouth and it makes me look old. what would be my best procedure to remove the sagging around my chin? READ MORE

What procedure is best to lift midface towards eyes and side of face/temple?

My midface/cheek is extremely droopy. I want it to be elevated under eyes & towards my temples because I have droopy lower eyelid & whole midface that... READ MORE

Flick lift? (Photo)

I am 39 years old but already have jowls. I have consulted with a qualified and respected plastic surgeon who advises that the best option would be... READ MORE

I'd like some information on a non invasive procedure called the "Spider Web Lift"?

I recently read about a new non invasive procedure called the "Spider Web Lift". How new is this procedure and are there any studies done to show... READ MORE

25 & already needing a facelift. Would I need a full one or are their smaller procedures that can help such as botox? (Photos)

I am looking to get surgery for my face in the next few years. What would you recommend? I'm 25 years old. READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend for light sagging in the lower face for someone in their early 30s? (Photos)

Hi Doctors, I'm in my early 30s and I have noticed significant changes in my skin over the last 4 years. Every year it seems to be getting... READ MORE

What is the best procedure(s) for my specific complaints?

I’m a 52 year old female. 2-part question: 1.) Will a FL, (or what procedures) will solve all the following problems: Jowls, hooded eyelids, m... READ MORE

Researching For Facelift – Asymmetric Neck - SMAS, or Should I Consider A “Deeper Technique? ” (photo)

I believe my procedure should address (1) my noticeable neck asymmetry, (2) the jowls and (3) a Labial Mandibular Fold, plus (4) the Mid-Face also.... READ MORE

Which procedures do plastic surgeons use to lift the skin, muscles, fat procedures?

Some say that they 'suture' up in places, and others just pull it all to the ear or back or ears area? What would be the difference in results? The... READ MORE

What are your recommendations regarding my possible third face/forehead lift one year after second surgery? (Photos)

First temporal face/forehead lift : 16 months ago two 8cm temporal incisions three 1cm incisions up to forehead hair line:endoscopic brow lift. After... READ MORE

Best procedure to lift my cheeks, soften my nasal labial folds and reduce weight on lower half of half of my face? (Photos)

I'm 36 years old and have had the issues listed above since I was in my late 20s. Ive been advised that a deep plane facelift would produce desired... READ MORE

What's the name of procedure that could redo subperiosteal midface lift?

I had a clear idea of what i wanted but didn't know the name of the procedure so i only asked for cheek lift & showed what i want to achieve but... READ MORE

What is "elastic facelift and neck lift" procedure? How effective is the procedure?

I know many types of facelift and how they've been applied but I never heard of "Elastic face lift/neck lift". Is it a new facelift procedure? How... READ MORE

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