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Best Age for First Facelift?

I notice most people get their first lift at around age 60..but isn't that really too late? It seems the younger the better as the sagging and... READ MORE

Advantages/Disadvantages of "Early" Facelift?

I am 34 1/2 years old. Although I have a youthful face, I've started to notice marionette lines and the beginnings of jowls. I’ve tried fillers but t... READ MORE

How Do Doctors Prevent Damage To Nerves Under Skin In Facial Procedures?

Could you please explain how the nerves in the face are safe from being damaged from a facelift, Injections, Thermage, Fraxel, Botox etc? When is it... READ MORE

How Can I Avoid This? (Facelift Gone Wrong) (photo)

I'm wondering if a plastic surgeon can offer an expert opinion on what cosmetic procedures were likely performed on this actress that resulted in... READ MORE

Should you take Inflammenz right before and after surgery to prevent bruising?

In a past surgery, I was required to take inflammenz a few days before my surgery and also after surgery. I am about to have a facelift with another... READ MORE

I'd Like to Avoid Jane Fonda and Susan Luci Animated Almond Shaped Mouth Pouches; Can You Help Me?

Jane Fonda (google Diane Rehm interview) and Susan Luci both have had facelifts and both NOW have moving pouches lateral to their mouths. These... READ MORE

Facelift 43 Years Old?

I went to a consultation for a facelift. I do not have any wrinkles yet, but don't like the very beginnings of sagging I see in the mouth area. The dr... READ MORE

Is a face lift required for thick skin patients after buccal fat removal?

I see patients complaining about droopy baggy skin after buccal fat removal. What can be done for them? How can the need for face lifts, fillers, fat... READ MORE

Facelift pointy chin. How do surgeons avoid this?

How do so many women end up with the 'Witche's' chin look after facelifts? I have seen some outstanding natural results but also some where the person... READ MORE

How to avoid the joker mouth? Is it random or can it be prevented?

I am scheduling my face lift in a few weeks and my big concern is avoiding the joker smirk. I see celebrities that have it as well as regular people.... READ MORE

I am considering a facelift but am terrified of the windswept look near the ears. How do I avoid it?

Besides using a board certified plastic surgeon, checking reviews, and looking at before and after photos? Any questions I should ask? Research I can do? READ MORE

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