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Prominent Platysma Bands After Facelift and Lifting Weights, What's The Cause? What Can Be Done?

I had a facelift and necklift a year ago. (57 y female) I started lifting arm weights at the gym. After a month I noticed that my vertical platysma... READ MORE

Can a Lower Facelift & Platysmaplasty Cause or Exacerbate TMJ Dysfunction?

I had a lower facelift 6 months ago and I have a lot of uncomfortable tightness around ears, jaw and back of head. Previous to the surgery I had a... READ MORE

Non-ablative thermal treatment after neck- and face-lift?

I'm 66 years old, and five month ago I had a SMAS face and neck lift, with platysma tightening. How long have I to wait to go under non-ablative... READ MORE

In your opinion how successful is the closed platysma band technique which requires only a local anesthesia?

Since having a mini face lift and neck liposuction 6 months ago, I have very visible platysma banding. I would like to avoid general anesthesia for a... READ MORE

After a face and neck lift six months ago, why is one of my platysmal muscles still very pronounced?

I had a face and neck lift six months ago. My one platysmal muscle looks very good. It is not really visible when chewing or moving my neck, and I... READ MORE

Why Would There Be New Areas of Tightness 4.5 Months After Lower Facelift & Platysmaplasty?

I'm at 4.5 months after lower facelift & platysmaplasty. Just recently I've developed tightness along my jawline and neck (right side much more so... READ MORE

Is a Giampapa suture a good idea?

I am 13 months post FL/NL and now need a revision platysmaplasty. During the revision procedure, my surgeon plans not only to revise the anterior... READ MORE

After Face/neck lift and platysmaplasty, I have some neck skin laxity either side of the midline repair - can this be fixed?

6 months post-op, the laxity either side of platysmaplasty repair is really bothering me. If I pull this skin backward towards the lower ear, it... READ MORE

What is the difference between a Facelift combined with a neck lift doing the SMAS technique vs a platysma?

I have been to 2 prominent plastic surgeons in NYC. Both said they would do the facelift, one using the smas technique for the face and neck, the... READ MORE

How long for prominent platysma muscles and scar tissue to abate? 6 months post Face lift. (photos)

I had a smas facelift (no liposuction) in March. After 6 months, I suffer from prominent platysma neck bands, tightness, and a shrink wrap feeling of... READ MORE

Why would my neck look like this after two surgeries? (Photo)

I had Dr Rodger in Denver do a face and neck lift . I told her more than once that that my neck was the main thing that bothered me and that she... READ MORE

How do you determine if a platysmaplasty is needed when performing a facelift?

Dear Doctors, I am a 50 years of age and within my ideal weight range however I have sagging skin on my neck which really bothers me. I am seeking... READ MORE

Lateral Skin Platysma Displacement. How can I find a Dr who will do my facelift adding this technique to do my neck, lower face?

I had a neck lift lower f/l along with chin implant removal 8 yrs ago and my platysma muscle has been (in my opinion) slightly damaged. I could live... READ MORE

Why do some surgeons not believe in performing anterior platysmaplasties, and just pull the platysma laterally (posterior)?

I'm very confused by the different answers given by surgeons regarding treatment of the fac. Some say it's best to just treat loose platysma by making... READ MORE

What can be done for a 2nd botched face/neck lift? The skin on my neck is lined, grooved and lax. Why did this happen?

I had a full face/neck lift many years ago and thought (wrongfully) I needed my neck tightened again. The first Beverly Hills plastic surgeon did a... READ MORE

Why do a lot of facelift patients end up with a worse double chin after surgery, even if they have a platysmaplasty?

It's happened to me to some degree, and I've noticed it on reviews on realself, and even on surgeons' own website photos. I can't understand why or... READ MORE

Is a second plastysmaplasty needed needed during a facelift?

Had lipo under the chin area with plastysmal tightening 13 years ago. The tightening still looks pretty good. If I had a facelift, would it be... READ MORE

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