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Proper Interval Between Cosmetic Surgeries Under General Anesthesia?

The doctor I would like to use for my body procedure (Liposuction) and the facial plastic surgeon (Facelift) are different. How long should I... READ MORE

How Old is Too Old for a Facelift Plastic Surgeon?

I had large scale liposuction and upper eyelid surgery 13 years ago from a board-certified plastic surgeon. I got great results and had no... READ MORE

Using a Doctor in a Fellowship Program - Opinions?

I am 51 and in excellent health. I see a facelift in my near future. I have made several appointments for consults. One of the Drs. is highly skilled... READ MORE

Laser Scalpel Vs. Traditional for Facelift?

I've been consulting several plastic surgeons about a facelift. Given equal skill levels of surgeons, would you go with someone skilled with a laser... READ MORE

Does It Matter if an Accredited Surgery Center is Hospital Adjacent?

In reviewing websites, I see that some surgeons tout that their accredited surgery centers are right across the street from a hospital. I know that... READ MORE

Your Thoughts on Ribbon Lift?

What's the latest thought on ribbon lifts? Things move on so quickly, are surgeons happy with Ribbon liift? READ MORE

3 respected Plastic Surgeons had different opinions. Any suggestions? (photos)

3 respected Plastic Surgeons. Each different opinion 1. facelift, neck lift, upper eye lift both eyes, fat grafts/tranfers and derma-brasion around... READ MORE

The vertical face lift eliminates the marionette lines?

I understand th normal face lift does not eliminate the marionette lones. I've heard that there is so called the vertical face lift which eliminates... READ MORE

Is it "rude" or inappropriate for me to ask during a consult how many deep plane facelifts the PS does?

Docs say that a patient's face must be carefully evaluated and matched to the "right" surgical technique. IF the PS exclusively does some variation of... READ MORE

What constitutes an expert? For revision neck lift, if surgeon does 2-3 facelifts per month, is that enough?

The board-certified plastic surgeons I've consulted are respected, photos look good, reviews good. But they perform facelifts only 2-3 times per... READ MORE

Is is best to seek a Facial Plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon to correct previous mini facelift from another doctor

I will be need a correction or a whole new facelift to correct previous minilift which I have had many problems and asymmetry from. I will be meeting... READ MORE

Is a board certified plastic surgeon performing a Mini Facelift helped by being certified in many areas of plastic surgery?

A plastic surgeon I went to said that he is also certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, and certified in Head and Neck... READ MORE

For more procedures than a facelift, could I use a Facial plastic surgeon or is a general plastic surgeon better? (photos)

I want to get a facelift along with thigh liposuction and lift, muscle repair of left quadricep from a crush injury, and possible butt lift. My... READ MORE

I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon who does approximately 2-4 Facelifts a month. Is that enough? (photos)

Full face lift with fat graft in cheeks , bletharplasty with some fat removal . How many face lifts should a plastic surgeon have performed and do I... READ MORE

Need help on what to do? (Photos)

Been to several top plastic surgeons and two said fillers, in which I did, and can't tell and the other said mini facelift. I am not sure that a mini... READ MORE

What do the following memberships actually mean: BAPS, BAAPS, or BAPRS FRCS (Plast) registered.

We are often told to check that a Plastic Surgeon should be a member of at least one of the above. Are they qualifications or memberships? Also they... READ MORE

Why Is board certification so important when choosing a plastic surgeon?

I am confused,I met a doctor that was an oral surgeon who has been doing facial plastic surgeries. All his reviews are good,except one. Its says... READ MORE

Smokes doesn't smoke. From 1 to 10 how important is the number of facelifts a PS does? Would you admit to doing just a few?

I can see how having the right board certifications is a 10. But when looking for board certification as well as experience the number of PS available... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me if they had experience with residence doctors in universities ?

I'm considering surgery with residence doctors ?Practicing surgeon in university in their final fifth year as a plastic/cosmetic surgeon ? A surgery... READ MORE

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