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12 Weeks After my Face Lift and Rigth Eyebrow/ Forehead is Still Paralyzed, Will this be Permanent?

The doctor that performed the face lift is very capable and has a very good reputation, so i keep trying to convince myself that the nerve was not... READ MORE

Midface Lift / Orbital Rim Implants

I had orbital rim implants plus deep plane midface lift with incisions through the mouth 2 weeks ago. The swelling is subsiding quickly however,my... READ MORE

Facial Paralysis - Potential for Recovery? (photo)

I've been diagnosed with AN (2.9 mm) august 2011. Before the operation didn't have any symptoms besides rapid hearing loss on the tumor side, right... READ MORE

10 Months Post-op Facelift. Unable to Involuntarily Blink Right Eye.

This is a follow-up of my previous question here. video of right eye blinking.first 2 voluntary. last one involuntary READ MORE

I have a facial nerve injury post face lift. Is it reversible?

Days after my facelift w/fat transfer under eye/cheeks I noticed I had facial weakness/paralisis on one side . I could not lift my eyebrow, I had... READ MORE

Ask for refund after facial parallelization from facelift?

I had eye and mouth paralyzed after mid facelift. Now 4 months later movement is starting to return and I expect full recovery. During first three... READ MORE

Paralyzed eye after lift?

Since I had my lift I cannot raise my left eyebrow or the left side of my mouth I also have a big lump on my neck. I had it two months àgo READ MORE

Is it normal to have facial nerve paralysis after facelift? Is it reversible, and a pretty bad neuralgia pain?

Is it normal to have facial nerve paresis after face lift, where my eyebrow won't move & eye won't close, is it reversible, and a pretty bad... READ MORE

21 days post op, my ride side has issue. My eyelid and lips has limited movements. Is this normal?

21 days post-op mid-facelift w/fat Xfer. Limited eyelid movement (ie, right eye: can’t blink & lid won’t fully close (injury to Buccal Branches?). YES... READ MORE

My left side of my face paralyzed. Had an upper eyelift & weightsI Want to do a Facelift, is there something I can do? (photo)

So I fell 30ft from a tree and fractured my skull and lost vision to my left eye lost my hearing in both ears TBI and now 19 months later my left side... READ MORE

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