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What Can I Do About my Very Uneven Face?

The whole left side is lower than the right side. from the eyes nostrols to the lips even. I have used fillers to try to even out my lips. I am... READ MORE

Swelling and Red Lines After Multiple Procedures

I had Facelift,Cheek Lift, Lip Lift, Blepharoplasty, and Rhinoplasty 5 months ago. Have normal numbness around ears and jawbone. Happy with results... READ MORE

How to Help Nerve Damage After Mid Facelift?

I had a mid face lift about 5 years ago and unfortunately was left with muscle/nerve damage near my nose which affects my nostrils. What might improve... READ MORE

Saggy Cheeks and Nose?

My cheeks and nose sag a lot when i bend over or when i am lying on my back, i am 30 years old and it has been like this since i was about 16. I don't... READ MORE

Loose skin after jaw surgery - what are my options? (Photo)

Hello! About five years ago (I'm now 28) I received jaw surgery to correct my mandibular prognathism. I now have skin that appears to "hang" around my... READ MORE

I'm looking for a complete surgical makeover plan to restore the beauty of my features, youth, and femininity to my face (Photo)

I have had face lift, nose, chin implant, and a LOT of filler. Hormonal imbalances caused me to lose a lot of fat in my face and giving me a masculine... READ MORE

My Face is Looking Wrong, What Can I do to Fix it? (photo)

Teeth gap. lips are weird,twisted nose,eye bigger than the other one. my nose is crookedmy upper lip is not equal.sometimes i feel i have bigger... READ MORE

Why do I look more masculine? What can be done to fix it? (Photo)

Im about three months out of a midface lift, facelift, and rhinoplasty to fix changed from a prior jaw surgery. I feel like I look more masculine. My... READ MORE

Planning on having a facelift in 2015. Dr suggested removing the fat pads by my nose. Do you think it's necessary? (photo)

I'm 58 and had two previous blepharoplasties . Upper and lower. The second surgery was three years ago to fix the problems with the first bleph. Will... READ MORE

Do I need a Facelift? And nose job? (photos)

Hi, im only 20 and i look older than my age.there appears to be shadows under my eyes, and the lines are way lower than they should be. there are also... READ MORE

Is a full face lift a requirement? Or are simpler, less invasive options available? (photos)

I just turned 50 and lost 30 lbs about 6 mos ago. I have dog bite scars and rhinophyma. I've seen some before/after pics for CO2 lasers working... READ MORE

Cost? Procedure details? (photos)

Hi, I'd like to know if you adjust the muscles at the corners of mouth to stop them from pulling downward and to prolong results? I'm concerned about... READ MORE

Lip lift, facelift and depressor septi muscle cut? (photos)

I had a revision rhinoplasty eight months ago. I am planning on a facelift in late March and my doctor is going to cut my depressor septi muscle at... READ MORE

My face is so uneven. What should I do? (Phtoo)

It is like the right side of my face is from my father and the left one from my mother. Different forehead sides, different sculp and backhead,... READ MORE

Would it be possible to have a facelift and nose surgery at the same time. And is there a cost saving? (photo)

Nose to be made smaller and younger looking. Facelift with fat transfer, upper eyes, and forehead lift. I am in North West UK and looking for surgeon... READ MORE

Bald 55 year male who wants to have a facelift (Photo)

Hello Dr I am a 55 year male who wants to have a face/necklift. Practically no wriggles and mild saggy skin. Not looking to have anything else,... READ MORE

Honesty about multiple facial procedures done at once.

I am 52 and would like to have a Face/neck lift, Rhino/Septoplasty, Lateral eye hood lift, and Co2/erbium around my eyes and mouth. I will have to... READ MORE

Two weeks out of facelift surgery which included laser resurfacing chemical peel. I am bright red from nose to chin. (photo)

Dr. says to give it time. He is giving me oxygenic's even one dose of prednisone but it doesn't look like it's fading. Can it go on for months? I... READ MORE

What can be done to fix my appearance? (photos)

I'm not sure if I need a facelift or something else but I would like something long term rather than fillers. I'm 39 and my face has 'deflated' a lot... READ MORE

Hello I'm a 50 year old woman who is considering a facelift.

I've noticed in the last few years extreme sagging in the upper part of my face and I've noticed my farrow brow lines protrude even when I'm not... READ MORE

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