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Vertical Facelift

Doctors, Will a vertical facelift make the face look more nature and last longer?  READ MORE

Why Such Conflict of Opinions on Deeplane Facelifts Being "Natural" or "Windswept Look"?

Whys Such Conflict of Opinions on Deeplane Facelifts Being "Natural" or "Windswept Look"? READ MORE

What would be more natural and long lasting; mini face lift or full face and neck lift? (photos)

I was asked by several Doctor's for more pictures. I want to appear natural. I'm not happy with lower part of my face, as well as my neck. READ MORE

Facelift recovery time?

I am scheduled for a facelift 4 1/2 months before my 50th reunion. Part of the activities will be in my private park. So no matter what I will have to... READ MORE

How many time in whole life can I have facelift and still look natural?

How many time in whole life can I have face lift and still look natural? I see lot of people get addicted to having face lift and ended up looking... READ MORE

When a facelift is performed, do surgeons just pull the skin or both the skin and muscles in the face?

The photos that I see in my newsfeed of facelifts are very interesting - some look very natural (like everything was lifted) and some appear as if... READ MORE

My skin is starting to sag around my jaw line, what can I do for long lasting, natural looking results? (photos)

What would the downtime be and what procedure is recommend also how much would the cost be? READ MORE

How to get a natural looking facelift that just makes you look better?

I'm 46 with just a tiny touch of jowling and sagging chin. I'd like to be proactive and get a facelift in the next year or two, but I want it to be... READ MORE

I would like to find a facial surgeon - any recommendations ?

.....:that is as good as Jane Fonda's She looks natural and fabulous but seems you have to travel outside of Canada READ MORE

Advice please on what order to do Facelift, Laser Resurfacing, Fat Transfer for best results? (photos)

From my 8 photos, can you please recommend what to do first for best, natural looking outcome? is it facelift, eyes and brow first or fat transfer or... READ MORE

22 years old German male who considering a Facelift because of a heavily altered face. Is a natural looking outcome possible?

I am considering a facelift, because I did some heavy pulling, rubbing and even blew my cheeks up due to some "facial workout tips" from youtube. This... READ MORE

What are some recent trainings available to surgeons in the US/Canada/Mexico for facelifts? (Photo)

Trainings that support a very effective, natural looking, long-lasting facelift? It seems that some surgeons out there don't have the latest trainings... READ MORE

Can a PS do a good job of properly assessing someone for a facelift if the patient has just put product in their face?

I had two vials of Juvaderm Extra Plus put in on Thursday after she (nurse practitioner) removed the Juvaderm XL the PS put in my cheeks a year ago.... READ MORE

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