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Will Electric Stimulation Machines Help Firm Facial Muscles?

What do you think about using an electrical stimulation machine to firm up facial muscles? I'm on a facial exercise regimen - which I'm going to try... READ MORE

Will a Facelift Correct Neck Bands?

I had some procedures done that did not yield good results and left my skin and tissues very damaged in the neck region. I now don't have enough... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Look More Natural and Relax the Facial Muscles of a Facelift and Fat Grafting Procedure Done 10 Days Ago?

I am 50 and now look 20 after having a short incision facelift, fat grafting and browlift just 2 weeks ago. I know I am still swollen and my face... READ MORE

After a face and neck lift six months ago, why is one of my platysmal muscles still very pronounced?

I had a face and neck lift six months ago. My one platysmal muscle looks very good. It is not really visible when chewing or moving my neck, and I... READ MORE

Should I get fillers or a facelift? (photos)

I lost 30 pounds a couple of years ago and my skin is sagging. I workout a lot and building muscle has helped but not with my face. READ MORE

Facelift, Nose Job, Upper Blephroplast and Fat Transplant at the Same Time?

Recently a month ago I had facelift upper blephroplasty and nose job at the same time. During the surgery mydoctor told me that he cut the muscle... READ MORE

2 Years Post Facelift and Chin Implant and Have Muscle Pain and Movement Issues?

I had a face lift with a chin implant almost two years ago. I have seen my board certified Plastic Surgeon with these concerns: very tight muscle pain... READ MORE

Will the Tissue and Muscles Relax After a Short Incision Vertical Facelift and Full Face Fat Transfer and How Long Will It Take?

12 years ago I had a facelift but the doctor liposuctioned my face which left one side of my face smaller. I've wanted to replace the fat that was... READ MORE

SMAS and skin fascia, what are the major differences between a Facelift where the skin is moved and SMAS?

Does cheek skin fascia get cut and skin detached from muscle in SMAS surgery or in SMAS skin is not getting detached from muscle but moved together... READ MORE

When a facelift is performed, do surgeons just pull the skin or both the skin and muscles in the face?

The photos that I see in my newsfeed of facelifts are very interesting - some look very natural (like everything was lifted) and some appear as if... READ MORE

Do jaw implants or facelift procedures affect the action of facial muscles?

I'm interested in augmenting my jaw and possibly getting a facelift if the future. I play the flute and I'm concerned that these procedures may cause... READ MORE

Facial nerve & muscle weakness. Can I get a facelift or midface lift?

I have had a chronic muscle & nerve weakness. Left side of my face dropped all the way suddenly & smile is croocked about 1.5 years ago. Can i get... READ MORE

Hard swelling or extra skin/muscles following facelift...when will this go down?

I have Hard areas in front of my ears running down in to my neck that my dr told me was extra folds of skin and muscle. I'm only 11 days out from... READ MORE

Post-op lower face & neck lift I already see crepey lax skin on the front of my neck. Is it typical in a 53 yr female? (Photos)

Did lower face/neck lift 2 wks ago, still swollen esp chin. Sagging profile/jowls are corrected. But after major swelling calmed I saw crepe lax skin... READ MORE

Facelift and masseter muscle?

Hi doctors, During a facelift, is it possible to reduce the masseter muscle as well to reduce the bulk? Thank you READ MORE

I experience a jolt of debilitating pain under my chin that feels like a muscle twisting up and then it releases.

I am 27 months post facelift and still have tightness under my chin extending from ear to ear it is very uncomfortable especially with warm weather or... READ MORE

Nerve feeling shock sensation 3 days post HIFU, is it normal?

Hi,i did a HIFU treatment 4days ago (not ulthera machine) and while i was in the procedure i felt like my face was electrocuted twice.. one on my left... READ MORE

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