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What's the Maximum Number of Facelifts You Can Have?

How many Facelifts does one get in life (without looking like Joan Rivers)? I've heard the max is 3 to 4. Do mini facelifts count? Hopefully they're... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Op- Look Younger? Too Puffy? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post: brow lift, upper and lower bleph, rhinoplasty, upper lip dermabrasion, fat transfer to NL folds, and face/neck lift. I had lunch... READ MORE

Normal wake up time post op?

I am a healthy 56 year old. In January I had a TT. I took a bit longer than average to wake up following surgery. Last week I had a breast lift with... READ MORE

Nasolabial and marionette lines after facelift, necklift and fat grafting. What can I do to improve my appearance? (Photo)

I am 54 years old. I looked younger than my age. I had facelift, necklift and fat grafting two months ago. Now my nasolabil lines and marionette lines... READ MORE

Can a tummy tuck, upper/lower eyelid, facelift and neck lift with chin implant be done at the same time?

I am in great health. 145 lbs. having tummy tuck to get rid of old c-section flap of skin. I am 50 years old. Nervous about having all this work done... READ MORE

3 months post op Facelift, neck lift, and top & bottom eyes, I'm still swollen, bad scarring, & in pain. Any suggestions?(photo)

Three months on my neck is still swollen. I have very bad what appears scarring on the side of my face, it actually is caused by the bandage being too... READ MORE

What is Ball Park Cost for Multiple Procedures in NJ (Browlift, Facelift, Eyelids, Fat Transfer to Cheeks)? (photo)

I realize that no two people are the same. But what would be the ball park cost for all these procedures including anesthesia and misc fees? Do... READ MORE

12 days post op Chin Implant, Necklift, Facelift, I am having neck problem. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 12 days postop for chin implant, necklift, facelift wearing the come/garment and I'm 7 days postop for co2. I didn't know I had to wear the... READ MORE

How long until the results of my face and neck lift are obvious? I am 3 weeks out and no one has noticed. Is that normal?

I would like to know if the results of a face and neck lift improve over a certain period of time? When are the best results start to become noticeable? READ MORE

Multiple Procedures Including Mini Face Lift. Golf Ball Size Swell Above Left Eye Including Swelling into Eye?

Mini F.L. & upper and lower blep surgery, fat transfers, & resect of corrugator muscle bilateral .1 wk post surgery cried in morn& when I... READ MORE

When can I turn my head after face and neck lift surgery?

I'm seeing how much I take for granted my ability to turn my head. When will I be able to turn it safely without ripping apart at the seams? Until... READ MORE

Face/Neck Lift and Fat Transfer to Eye/Nose/Lip Area

5 Days ago I  had Face/Neck Lift and Fat Transfer to eye/nose/lip area. I am very swollen and Double Chin is still there and sides of my face are... READ MORE

12 months post op Facelift, my jowls still very noticeable. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a full face lift 12 months ago and am not really happy with results. I had under eyes done lateral brow lift and lower face neck done. Lateral... READ MORE

I'm looking for a complete surgical makeover plan to restore the beauty of my features, youth, and femininity to my face (Photo)

I have had face lift, nose, chin implant, and a LOT of filler. Hormonal imbalances caused me to lose a lot of fat in my face and giving me a masculine... READ MORE

Is It Better to Have One Plastic Surgeon or Specialists?

In considering different procedures like - eyelid fix (hood), facelift, breast enhancement and liposcution. Is it better to find one surgeon or should... READ MORE

Age 58 face, brow and neck lift, eyes done. Surgery in 2 wks. IF I lost 25 lbs post op would it ruin the results?

Thank you for taking my question. I have been the same 25 lbs overweight forever, my body is in proportion and I am healthy. IF for some reason I... READ MORE

Why do I look more masculine? What can be done to fix it? (Photo)

Im about three months out of a midface lift, facelift, and rhinoplasty to fix changed from a prior jaw surgery. I feel like I look more masculine. My... READ MORE

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