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Lack of Mouth Movement, Unable to Blink or Pucker: All Results of Facelift?

26 days after mid face lift, I have a knot 1 inch in front of rt ear size of small marble.Upper mouth won't move, can't suck or pucker or say... READ MORE

Volume loss, facelift and scar tissue. Juvederm voluma or fat transfer? (photo)

4 .5 months post op. i had some volume loss in the temple and cheek area after a surgery that required a deep plane facelift technique to remove... READ MORE

Very limited neck movement! Face/Neck Lift, 3 1/2 weeks post-op (Photos)

Can't lift head up or hold normally, limited side-to-side motion. Causing pain in neck, shoulders & back. When drains removed (Ouch!) immediately had... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post op from facelift/platysmaplasty, can I go back to yoga/pilates?

My neck is tight and I don't have full range of movement yet, I'm concerned that I will stretch everything out if I strain the muscles in my neck and... READ MORE

Facial Numbness After Neck/Lower Face/Mid Face Lift, Chin Implant and Jawline Lipo?

4/04/12 (21 days ago) I had a Neck Lift w/jawline lipo, Lower face lift w/Chin Implant, and Mid Face Lift. I cannot feel anything on the left side of... READ MORE

2 Years Post Facelift and Chin Implant and Have Muscle Pain and Movement Issues?

I had a face lift with a chin implant almost two years ago. I have seen my board certified Plastic Surgeon with these concerns: very tight muscle pain... READ MORE

I have excessive blinking after full face lift. Is this normal?

I had a full face lift six months ago including eyes and brow lift. I am blinking excessively and as it gets worse I tend to make facial movements. My... READ MORE

Lower face and necklift 16 months ago..Please help. My neck, chin and face are a mess. (Photos)

Neck/lower face lift 16 mo ago. See pics. Also dents in my cheek w/facial movement and small bumps(pimple size). I have burning in that area at times.... READ MORE

When can I easily turn head and neck after face and neck lift?

I am 3 weeks Post Op. My Doctor said I could return to bike riding & exercise.  Because my neck still feels really tight & swollen, I am hesitant to ... READ MORE

Loss of Facial Movement after Mid-Face Facelift (Scars around ears and sideburn area). Any suggestions? (photos)

12 days post op and has lost the movement in her right eye , right nostril and upper right lip. After multiple visits to the surgeon, his solution is... READ MORE

Do I have nerve damage or am I experiencing normal healing?

Had deep plane facelift and necklift a few months ago. Skin at the jaw area particularly on one side is really tender to the touch with l limited... READ MORE

Mini Face Lift Done 11 Dec 2013 - When Will I be Able to Feel My Ears Again?

1. By when will i get the feeling back in my ears. 2. When will I be able to move my head normally - at the moment it looks like i have a spasma in my... READ MORE

Limited neck movement after facelift. When and will my movement return to normal?

I have limited range of motion with turning my neck right to left . Neck and lower facelift 31/2 weeks ago. When and will my movement return to normal ? READ MORE

21 days post op, my ride side has issue. My eyelid and lips has limited movements. Is this normal?

21 days post-op mid-facelift w/fat Xfer. Limited eyelid movement (ie, right eye: can’t blink & lid won’t fully close (injury to Buccal Branches?). YES... READ MORE

Would a fat graft to augment cheek bones move if I had a facelift afterwards? Can the order of the 2 affect the final outcome?

Is there an aesthetic reason to do a fat graft after a facelift as opposed to before? I'm considering these two procedures but may not need a facelift... READ MORE

5 wks post op mid facelift & eyelid surgery. Right lid cannot close fully. Any suggestion?

When lips are pressed together mouth goes to the left. Dr had me move all parts of my face and they all moved. Mouth pulling began week 2.... READ MORE

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