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What Medications Would Work Best for Anxiety (Before & After Facelift Surgery)?

I'm having a facelift and eyelift soon and I know I'm going to be very anxious before and after this surgery, especially the night before. As such,... READ MORE

Can One Safely Take Fish Oil and EFA Pre and Post Op Facelift?

I am having a facelift. how might EFA impact on my health and if any, on my surgery and post op recovery? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Facelift and Liposuction While Taking Amino Acids?

I take the amino acids: l-glutamine and l-tyrosine. I started taking them three weeks ago and found that I crave wine less. I was drinking three to... READ MORE

Is it safe to take Aspirin after Facial Fat Transfer and mid Facelift?

How soon after a facial fat transfer (including cheeks, eyes, lips) could one take Aspirin -- because it thins the blood? I also had mid-face done at... READ MORE

How Can One Take Decadron Post Op , when One Has Adrenal Insufficiency and Regularly Takes Hydrocortisone?

I will be taking dexamethasone post op for face lift and coronal brow lift. i have adrenal insufficiency and regularly take hydrocortisone 4x/day in... READ MORE

Facelift 3 months ago having really bad recovery no help from surgeon feel very alone

Facelift done 9 wk ago no peels. GP thought it was an allergy Ive had allergic reactions in the past, he put me on steroids which made the burning in... READ MORE

Do you recommend your patients to take Emend anti-nausea medication on the morning of facelift surgery?

I have usually been prescribed Zofran for after surgery nausea but some members of the facelift forum advise taking Emend tablet on the morning of... READ MORE

Can Bloating from a Medication Permanently Affect the Face?

I was on a medicine called Neurontin for sleep issues for about 10 weeks. My face had a lot of edema as a result. Since I stopped taking the medicine... READ MORE

I am planning on getting a facelift under general anesthesia and I had an abnormal EKG

Shows Sinus Bradychardia and Long QTc.I exercise 1 hour 5 times a week on an eliptical,no SOB,or chest pains.I don't have any health issues.I take one... READ MORE

I did a oval facelift surgery a week ago, I am a hypertensive patient ,I noticed after 3days of the surgery that my B.P 160/100

Why I am not responding to my anti hypertensive medication ,I usually use candisartan ,now I started using Atacand plus (with diuretic) but still not... READ MORE

Large scabs on cheek after Facelift procedure 1 month ago, ideas on how to heal them?

Approx a month ago had FL, Brow lift, and upper lid surgery. Ended up with 2 very large scabs (larger than a quarter on side of face) they dont want... READ MORE

How long should I wait to take HIV medicine after facelift?

Hi doctors, I'm wondering how long after facelift procedure can one start taking hiv medicines? I know pills like aspirin thins the blood and... READ MORE

My thyroid levels keep going up and down. It's been this way since 2001. I look really bad. (Photos)

I take t3 thyroid medication. (Cydamil ) and T4 levothyroxine. I looked good up until my stomach gave me problems. So doctor put me on dexilant. My... READ MORE

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