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Massage After Face Lift? (photo)

I am at day 17 after chin and lower face lift. I had a great deal of swelling/brusing the first week. I have a large scab at the incision site on my... READ MORE

Is There Anything else to Do at Home for Possible Hematomas, Besides Massaging?

I had a facelift 4 weeks ago and have a couple of lumps in the cheek area. Still have bruising, possible hematoma and both sides of my face, close to... READ MORE

Ultrasound Massage for Facelift Scar Tissue

I have a face lift, after three weeks i started to develop and fibrosis or scar tissue on the right side of my cheek. Where can i get an external... READ MORE

Volume loss, facelift and scar tissue. Juvederm voluma or fat transfer? (photo)

4 .5 months post op. i had some volume loss in the temple and cheek area after a surgery that required a deep plane facelift technique to remove... READ MORE

Full Body Massage After Face and Neck Lift?

I had a neck and facelift 6 weeks ago. Still have some swelling on one side. Is it okay to lie face down during a full body massage? READ MORE

Are There Any Medications/homeopathic Remedies That Reduce Uncomfortable Paresthesias/dysethesias After Facelift?

5 months after facelift I am troubled much of the time by a tugging, tight sensation around both ears. I recently started having regular massages from... READ MORE

14 week post op Modified Mac Face Lift & still areas of swelling, indents, lumps, dimples & puffiness. Is this normal?

I wake up every morning not knowing where the lumps & bumps will be next! When I massage, it seems to swell and takes 48 hours or so to get back to... READ MORE

Scar in front of ear 3+ weeks post facelift (Photo)

Hello, I'm wondering if anything can be done to expedite healing in the tragus area. The other ear is in much better shape. Should I leave alone,... READ MORE

13 weeks out from lower face/neck lift. Have cording and hard lumps under chin - how do I fix this or will it go away? (photo)

I have platysmal cording and hard lumps under my chin from neck lift 13 weeks ago. It keeps getting worse and not better as my Dr. stated it would... READ MORE

My neck is really stiff 4 months after Facelift, is this normal?

I haved a facelift and neck lift 4 months ago but i still feel my neck so tight is an horrible sensation and I went to see my sergeon but he insist... READ MORE

2 months post op facelif, neck, bleps. What are my options? (photos)

Still have jowls and saggy skin. I also still have a double chin.  Left side of face looks larger and has jowl. Will facial massages help? READ MORE

Not seeing any changes. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a face/neck lift with fat grafting exactly 4 weeks ago. The first picture is after 2 weeks. The second picture is today. I'm not seeing any... READ MORE

How long should I put vaseline on the facelift scars?

For how long should I put vaseline on the scars after a facelift? And should I massage the scars? READ MORE

6 weeks out from a facelift and I woke up with blood/fluid coming out of my ear canal. Is this normal?

It will be 6 weeks since my face lift procedure. I do have swelling under the chin area and am very concerned. I started to massage the area as told... READ MORE

Two thin dark diagonal streaks appeared on one cheek day 5: 3 weeks on still there? What are they? (Photo)

Day 5/6 after a neck and lower face lift I noticed two thin dark diagonal streaks appearing on one cheek. 3 weeks in today and still there. Is this... READ MORE

11 weeks after facelift I have an unsightly clearly defined hard area which is not receding with massage. Should I worry?(photo)

!! weeks postop I am very happy with the left side but on the roght I have this unsightly chicken drumstick-shaped hard area which shows no signs of... READ MORE

After a facelift, how long does it take for lumps in my cheeks to disappear? (photos)

I had a face lift four months ago and am generally pleased; but I have a significant lump below each cheekbone that is very obvious when I smile. It... READ MORE

Pain around cheek and facial sutures from massage. Is this normal?

I had a face lift 7 weeks ago. I massage the lumps in my cheeks and face and cause myself pain at the attach sites of my internal sutures. Is this... READ MORE

6 weeks post Neck and Facelift, still have large soft lumps under my chin and irregular tight skin around neck. Advice? (photos)

Can somone advise me please as my surgeon saw me two weeks post opp but did not examine me, he sat behind his desk and told me to massage under my... READ MORE

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