Lower Eyelids + Facelift

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Can Excess Skin Between Brows After Eyelid Surgery Be Resolved?

I had upper and lower Eyelid surgery, Facelift and Botox on my forehead 3 weeks ago. I didn't want the Eyelid surgery but my doctor insisted. The... READ MORE

How do I fix lower wrinkles under eye onto cheek... also do I need upper eye lids done or a mini face lift? (photo)

45 yrs old. feel I need something to stop face from falling.. my mom suggested I get my upper eye lids done or would I benefit from a mini face lift?... READ MORE

What is the sequence of procedures when facelift, lower bleph and fat transfer are scheduled in one surgical event?

Is there a USUAL or Customary sequence to these procedures that applies MOST of the time. In your practice have you developed a "standard" approach to... READ MORE

What Are my Options to Restore my Look After Mask Lift and Other Procedures? (photo)

Coming back 2 yrs later in order to get yr adv ... Different shape of eyes & loss of the fat volume after mask lift 8 yrs ago & cheeks... READ MORE

How long after a Facelift and upper/lower blepharoplasty can I sleep on my side?

I'm a die-hard stomach and side sleeper and one of my greatest concerns about getting a facelift is sleeping on my back. How many weeks do I have to... READ MORE

Facelift, necklift, liplift and lower blepharoplasty - shall I do it at the same time or separately? (Photo)

I am interested in all the above but can't decide whether to do it all at once or separately. All together, it will require 6 hours of surgery. Would... READ MORE

2 weeks post facelift, upper/lower bleph & brow lift. My eyes now look like I'm half asleep & lifeless. Will it improve? (Photo)

Specifically, I had a full face lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty and brow lift on 23rd July. Lots of bruising after the op, understandably but at... READ MORE

9 days post op. Face/neck lower bleph and laser and peel. (Photo)

I am posting a before surgery and after. I would like some professional opinions on how you think I'm coming along. READ MORE

Should I be worried four weeks post-op about having a grimace instead of a smile and still having gigantic cheeks? (Photo)

I had a facelift, upper/lower blepharoplasty, brow lift, fat injections under eyes and in nasolabial folds and around lips. My smile is now just a big... READ MORE

Can a mid-face lift correct ectropion caused by too much skin removal during an upper and lower eyelid surgery?

I once had a facelift and eyelid surgery that left me with ectropion. I’ve had multiple surgeries to correct my ectropion without success. My e... READ MORE

What type of facelift can lift my midface to fill hollow lower eyelids & side of cheeks?

The whole midface has fallen off cheeks & lower eyelid rim. My face looks rectangular no heart/V shaped anymore due to extreme sagging of cheeks &... READ MORE

Facelift upper/lower eyelids / TT - what procedures should I combine? Which one should I do first? How much time between?

I am a 52 yr old female in good health. I want a facelift, upper/lower eyelids and tummy tuck. At the moment, I am scheduled to have both the TT and... READ MORE

I'm 2 wks post upper/lower eyelid surgery & facelift. Left eye has weird crease and it's not resolving. Is it swelling? (Photo)

Doc says its swelling and will go away. Not any better 17 days post surgery. Didn't look right immediately after. Does this look like normal swelling? READ MORE

Facelift/blepharoplasty. 7 days post op, still have stitches, tightness/retraction in lower lids. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

Yesterday my lower lids started contracting a little particularly in my left eye. I have read all I can about this and see that my case is mild and... READ MORE

Is there a way to devolumize my upper midface after a midface lift? (photos)

I had a midface lift which I think was overdone and has now caused my midface to be abnormally wide, making me look disproportionate. There is also.a... READ MORE

What options do I have to fix my eyes? (Photo)

I had a midface lift requiring athe lateral canthoplasty for lower eyelid sagging 4-2015. Now my eyes are a lot smaller and squintier. I know that... READ MORE

Sensation loss on face one year after facelift, rhinoplasty, lower lid.

Both sides of my face are still numb from my temples to the cheek bones down to and slightly under the jawline. It feels like masking tape has been... READ MORE

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