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Sagging Skin After Weight-loss at 21. Is a Facelift my Only Option? (photo)

I’m 21 and I’ve been overweight most of my life. I’ve recently dropped 55 lbs over the course of a year. (180, now 125 at... READ MORE

Severely Sagging Skin at 24. Eyebrow Lift/face Lift Needed? (photo) (photo)

I look so old and tired. My eye lids are droopy and I noticed that my forehead skin is loose now as well.I have bags under my eyes and on my cheeks... READ MORE

What is Best Procedure for Mild Sagging in Lower Face and Below Eyes?

I have minor sagging in jaw area and very moderately loose skin all over. I like the way my face looks when I pull the skin back slightly in jaw and... READ MORE

Can a Mid Face Lift Also Improve Mild Skin Laxity Under Eyes?

I am considering a mid facelift and have a small amount of loose skin under my eyes. Would the mid facelift address this or would I have to have... READ MORE

I Stretched my Face out by Rubbing It Do I Need a Face Lift?

I am 24 years old and I had a terrible habit about a year ago of rubbing my face vigorously, I dont know why I did this but when I looked in the... READ MORE

Loose Skin Under Chin After Lower Lift (Photos)

Follow up to this question. It's been about 16 months since my lower, or what my doctor called, a subtle facelift because I didn't have a lot of... READ MORE

Am 18 Years Old and Am Experiencing Facial Sagging, What Are My Options?

Am an 18 year old female and am experiencing facial sagging my eyes have turned downwards from it and i have tear trough in my face and i have noticed... READ MORE

24 Year Old Man Lost Weight Rapidly (6kg in 3 Weeks) Now Have Loose Skin Around Face and Neck? Do I Need Facelift? (photo)

Hi, I am a 24 year old male who currently lost weight rapidly (6 kg in 3 weeks) as a result of dieting and exercise. I now have excess, sagging,... READ MORE

Will I Benefit from a Facelift?

I am in my late twenties and noticed a sagging of my lower face from my early to mid twenties. I now have lines at the sides of my mouth and also from... READ MORE

Is Neck Supposed to Be Wrinkled and Lumpy 9 Days Post-op Facelift?

Below ear and neck are very numb, neck is wrinkled and lumpy. Can this be normal in a 9 day post-op facelift. Will wrinkles go away? I had drainage... READ MORE

Face Lift at Young Age Usually Ridiculous but What if Legtimate?

I am a 24 year old man and I am going to keep it short and tell you that I used to be into facial massage cause I thought it would help me stay young... READ MORE

What Age is Recommended for a Chin and Jowel Lift? I' M 43 Years Old

At what age is a facelift recommnded for a chin and frown line lift? I'm 43 years old and have always been about 5'8" and pretty slender.... READ MORE

Three Liposuctions, Facelift, Thread Lift - All Resulting in Loose Skin and Non-uniformity

31 years, women. 3 liposuctions gave non-uniform loose skin especially around abdomen and face(cheeks). Underwent facelift as suggested by doctor for... READ MORE

Why is there not a simple skin tuck to pull the loose skin up and eliminate the loose skin?

To continue with details on why the neck skin is not just pulled up under the ears and surgically attatched. When I gently pull the skin under my jaw... READ MORE

Loose skin after jaw surgery - what are my options? (Photo)

Hello! About five years ago (I'm now 28) I received jaw surgery to correct my mandibular prognathism. I now have skin that appears to "hang" around my... READ MORE

I have a ridge/line near jaw after MACS facelift. Any suggestions? (photo)

My skin looks like it's pulled to much on one side creating a ridge /line with loose skin under it I'm only 4 days post op so hoping it's just... READ MORE

Should I have a full or short scar facelift? I'm 43 and lost 20 kg in 5 yrs. My problem is loose skin (Photo)

I was o'weight for 5 yrs and I don't think my superficial muscles are too bad, I have much loose skin. Would a superficial f-lift like a short scar... READ MORE

People keep telling me I look old and I'm only 46. How can I improve my looks? (Photo)

I've just lost 14 pounds in weight as people kept calling me fat Marilyn, now people keep telling me i look old. My face has shrunk but the skin looks... READ MORE

Surgical or non surgical to treat my loose skin/ acne scars? (photos)

I don't know if i need fillers or a surgical procedure. Main concerns are nasolabial folds, lose of cheek volume, acne scars, and redundant neck skin.... READ MORE


I am 19 years old and cheek skin is very loose and thus gives my face round look instead of chiseled look.i want to know that facelift will be... READ MORE

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