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Can Alma Laser's New ClearLift Really Help my 62 Yr. Old Face and Jaw/neckline?

How do I find out what doctors in my area perform it . Has anyone had it done? How Long Does It Last and How Much Does It Cost? READ MORE

How long does a one stitch facelift last?

I am looking at the Hospital Group (UK)'s one, which does not involve a thread or hooks, which seems to be the only one i can find ref to. This is a... READ MORE

How long should the results of a good facelift/necklift last?

I am 61 and had a lower facelift and neck lift with lipo. I love the results and am healing nicely. After reading posts on this site I am confused. I... READ MORE

What would be more natural and long lasting; mini face lift or full face and neck lift? (photos)

I was asked by several Doctor's for more pictures. I want to appear natural. I'm not happy with lower part of my face, as well as my neck. READ MORE

What's Better for Facelift: Lifestyle Lift or Liposuction?

Which method provides longer lasting results, Lifestyle lift or iiposuction? READ MORE

Is it harder to get a good result over age 60 when you have a facelift? They seem to be more effective on younger people

It seems that after a year many of the facelift fail on people over the age of 60. Is the face of an older person harder to get good lasting results? READ MORE

Laser and Facial Surgery?

How does one remediate small depressions in the cheek area surgically? I think the depressions are from fat loss. Also what type for laser or peel is... READ MORE

Face lift or mini face lift, which is best? How will I look in 10 years time? (Photo)

Hi- I was told Face Lift only lasts about 10 years, and after that the person face either looks worse as the tissue under skin got destroyed? I was... READ MORE

What is the best (and longest-lasting) facelift technique to lift heavy jowls?

I am confused by different techniques & vectors etc. It seems conclusive that the SMAS is the key, but is an extended/high SMAS lift different to... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old. What is my best option for lifting/improving my face? (photos)

Noticed slight descent of face, jawline is no longer sharp as it used to be. Had filler in cheeks before (results have worn off) but am reluctant to... READ MORE

Lipofiling vs facelift. Which is best?

Will lipofiling have lasting effect and will the face look like after facelift or is it waste of money and i better go on with traditional lift to... READ MORE

3D Lyft w/stem cells and PRP? (photo)

I am wondering is it more beneficial to get a face lift or a 3 D Lyft? Which one will be long lasting? Price of the 3D Lyft with stem cells & prp... READ MORE

I need a deep facelift for my mid-face and my low-face. Which type would have a best longer result?

I want the best longer result and don't mind the longer downtime: for mid and lower facelift, I want to have Deep plant or composite facelift. which... READ MORE

How long can I expect my facelift results to last? My doctor says it may last 5-10 years.

How long can I expect my results to last? My doctor says it may last 5-10 years but there's no way to know for sure. I love my results and hope they... READ MORE

Interested in a facelift with fat transfer simultaneously. What type of lift would you suggest for me? (photos)

I lost 90lbs 5 years ago and my face seems to be paying the price. I am bothers by loss of volume in my cheeks, deep nasal labial folds, jowls,... READ MORE

Should I go for a facelift?

Im also considering a jaw lift. Im 53 and my jaw just started to sag i have lines next to the side of my mouth. I dont want fillers. I want something... READ MORE

What are some recent trainings available to surgeons in the US/Canada/Mexico for facelifts? (Photo)

Trainings that support a very effective, natural looking, long-lasting facelift? It seems that some surgeons out there don't have the latest trainings... READ MORE

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