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How important is sleep position after a facelift? How can I learn to sleep on my back?

I am scheduled for a face/necklift with eyes and fat transfer Dec 2. I have lines around my eyes that I can tell are caused from years of sleeping on... READ MORE

Lower face saggy and wrinkled, which is best treatment and should I go abroad? (photo)

I have developed jowels as my face has dropped, I also have developed lines on my lower face.I have tried fillers but the area just becomes lumpy,... READ MORE

Will Radiesse Solve Slight Folds Along Jaw Line Resulting from Lower Facelift?

I had a lower (Lifestyle lift) facelift last year and most of the results were great. However, I have ended up with a "draping" effect right... READ MORE

I Am 5 Weeks Post Face/neck Lift and As the Swelling is Receding, These Lines Are Becoming Deeper? (photo)

Do you know what the lines are from and will they eventually smooth out by themselves? I have started having lymphatic massage to help with the... READ MORE

Why Has My Skin Sloughed Off 2 Weeks out from Facelift? (photo)

What are the lines? Although it is healing over, the lines show up through the 'new' skin. 2 Weeks out from Facelift, my Skin Sloughed Off,... READ MORE

Full Facelift Recovery Results. Healing Well, But Concerned About Results?

I am 53 and am healing from my facelift which was done 10 days ago. I am healing well but am concerned with the results. One side of my mouth seems to... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Hollow Shadows Running Vertically Down my Cheeks ("pull" Lines) 15 Days After Endoscopic Midface Lift?

I noticed these depressions a few days after my surgery. (I did not have them previously.) And they have not subsided. I am a thin person. Now my... READ MORE

I need advice please! I'm almost 34 and I look 10 plus years older then I am! Am I a good candidate for a face lift? (photo)

I am almost 34 and look way older than I am and would like to have a procedure done to restore some youthfulness. I've been treated with botox,... READ MORE

Mid FaceLift - I want to address under eye hollowness & sag lines under cheeks, what are the possible technique options? (photo)

I seek to address (1) hollowness under the eye, (2) “sag” lines under the cheek bone. To be perfumed with a lower blephoroplasty and lower fac... READ MORE

Facelift options for a 27 year old?

I want to know what my options are for raising my cheeks without adding any volume. I lost all my babyfat in my twenties and love the new slim look of... READ MORE

I have a ridge/line near jaw after MACS facelift. Any suggestions? (photo)

My skin looks like it's pulled to much on one side creating a ridge /line with loose skin under it I'm only 4 days post op so hoping it's just... READ MORE

How much is a Facelift and neck fix? I'm 54. Age has destroyed my face and neck. (photos)

The enclosed picture is me 3 years ago. So sagging, lines, drooping is worse. How much to fix my face and neck. What is recovery time? READ MORE

I am 18 years old with a sagging, jowly face. What are my options?

When I was 15 years old I had a severe sport injury that caused a mini stroke and resulted in facial sagging. I have deep lines over my mouth, heavy... READ MORE

I'm 58 yr old female with fallen jowls, hooded eyes, sunken cheeks, and wrinkles. What treatment would you recommend?

I suffered depression for over 30yrs after a lot of tradgedt in my life. So years of taking all sorts of Antidepressants and Anxiety have taken their... READ MORE

Transition Lines from a Facelift?

Can the transition lines from a mid facelift be corrected? Also, what can be done if the skin was pulled to high over the cheekbone and one side is... READ MORE

Macs facelift after 2 weeks worried? (photo)

I had a macs facelift 2 weeks ago and am very concerned about my results so far I have a line above the jaw along one of my cheeks, below the line it... READ MORE

After 8 Months, Should my Outerlid Corners Be Webbed, Pulling and Puffy?

I had a face lift with an upper and lower eyelift eight months ago. The outside under corners of both eye are still puffy. Worse, they are webbed. The... READ MORE

I Have a Line in One Cheek 1 Month PO-Will This Go Away?

One month out from facelift/ neck lift my left cheek has a line, something under the skin is being pulled tighter than the rest perhaps a muscle or... READ MORE

Facelift 5 months post op and getting worse (Photos)

I had a little jowls and little looseness around my jawline that I thought with a little work would enhance my appearance. I had a facelift in May... READ MORE

Do I need a Facelift? And nose job? (photos)

Hi, im only 20 and i look older than my age.there appears to be shadows under my eyes, and the lines are way lower than they should be. there are also... READ MORE

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