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What is Serdev Suture Mid Face Lift?

I searched the web and found that this procedure is non-invasive and the result are subtle but scarless. READ MORE

4 Months out of Face and Neck Lift Still Have Lumps in Neck and Tightness

In jaw line. thick scarring behind ears and back of neck. should I be concerned? I am slim and people notice my neck. I was worried there was... READ MORE

Is a mid face lift or cheek lift even worth it? (photo)

I'm a 38 y/o female, recently lost 40 lbs & working on last 20. Just developed dark circles & nasolabial lines with this. Cheeks dropping a bit.... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old. What is my best option for lifting/improving my face? (photos)

Noticed slight descent of face, jawline is no longer sharp as it used to be. Had filler in cheeks before (results have worn off) but am reluctant to... READ MORE

Shouldn't a facelift, cheek lift, and fat in the nasolabial folds give you a smooth young appearance? (Photo)

I had a fat removed from cheeks, facelift, cheeklift, and fat put in nasal folds, my face looks old? What the heck? We spent 30 thousand dollars and... READ MORE

How much for a full face lift- and forehead lift?

I am a 60 year old woman, considering face lift. My forehead is also in need of a lift. Does a face lift include forehead lift? How much for the whole... READ MORE

For more procedures than a facelift, could I use a Facial plastic surgeon or is a general plastic surgeon better? (photos)

I want to get a facelift along with thigh liposuction and lift, muscle repair of left quadricep from a crush injury, and possible butt lift. My... READ MORE

Mini facelift: The center area of my face is droopy.

I had mini face lift recently.I like my new face line. It's subtle change since I'm young. But I realized my mid face is little droopy now.Under eye... READ MORE

Is Facelift really an answer or help to address thread lift complications

Really appreciate previous ans from reputed surgeons. Please advise again. A basic question which should have been first.Last year with fine contour... READ MORE

Best procedure to lift my cheeks, soften my nasal labial folds and reduce weight on lower half of half of my face? (Photos)

I'm 36 years old and have had the issues listed above since I was in my late 20s. Ive been advised that a deep plane facelift would produce desired... READ MORE

My doctor told me he will certify me to return to work as a rural mailcarrier from a full Facelift in 10 days. Any suggestion?

On average I lift approx. ten to fifteen 30 - 55lb packages daily. I lift heavy mail trays into a mail truck with heavy doors. I lift heavier parcels... READ MORE

Surgical procedure or laser? Which is best all round for the money spent on lifting the face? (photo)

I am planning a face lift in August and wondering if surgery or laser would be better. Smart skin, Ultherapy? Also my frown lines bother me and I... READ MORE

Will lift up a face or will lift toward both sides during a Facelift?

I would like ask that during a facelift , toward which side lifts the face? Toward up or toward both sides? Or that is depend from type of surgery or... READ MORE

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