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Does the Smartlift Facelift Work?

Hi doctors I have been reading about the new smartlift facelift done with lasers. It is supposed to offer all the benefits of a facelift with little... READ MORE

Which laser is the best for hemosiderin staining on face?

I had facelift two months ago, had hematomas, and left with hemosiderin staining. When should treatment be started? And most importantly, which laser... READ MORE

Can my face be lifted with a laser? (photo)

My dermatologist feels like I can get some lift in my jowls with titan laser treatments. I would like to improve the sagginess and condition of my... READ MORE

Neck Revision or Laser Treatment? (photo)

I had a facelift 9 months ago. I had trouble with my neck from the beginning. I posted pictures of it here. My doctor did 2 or 3 laser treatments a... READ MORE

Lazer Lift procedure 3 weeks post op. I'm distressed as my upper lip is not moving. How can I help it to heal?

Some swelling and tenderness in the jaw line. I can't pronounce some words form a "kiss" some chewing difficulty. I am "freaking out". Is there... READ MORE

How can I improve my facelift scars? (Photo)

I had a facelilt a 18 monts ago. I am happy with the facelift but not very much with my scaras, I would like to improve them. Based in your eperience,... READ MORE

Why Do Some Ps Do Laser During a Facelift and Others Feel It Isn't Safe Do to a Blood Supply Issue?

It is so confusing for a patient. I mean, isn't there some protocol to follow or something? I don't know why they disagree. READ MORE

How soon after a facelift, neck lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty (subcillary incision) can I get Fraxel Dual on face?

I am 4 weeks post-op. Still have minimal residual swelling on lateral face near my ears. I don't want to jeopardize my results or the health of my... READ MORE

DOT Laser Combined with Mini Facelift?

My PS has recommended I combine the DOT laser with a miniface lift and blepharoplasty. I am trying to decide how to time both procedures. Is is okay... READ MORE

Recovery from facelift, fat transfer and CO2 laser procedure.

I had a facelift, fat transfer (cheeks, temples and a bit in lips) and CO2 laser 7 days ago. How long should the numbness around my ears, sides of... READ MORE

Laser Lift Providers in or Near Burlington, Iowa?

Are there doctors in or near Burlington, Iowa who do laser lift? READ MORE

Suggested treatment for wrinkles and loose skin around my mouth area? (photos)

Hi! I'm a 46 yr old woman who is 8 yrs post gastric bypass. Can the wrinkles & loose skin around my mouth be "fixed"? Also looking to smooth out... READ MORE

Horizontal ridges on cheeks after facelift. Can this be corrected with surgery?

I had a facelift just over a year ago. After 6 months I began noticing some horizontal ridges on one cheek, as if the skin had been unevenly pulled.... READ MORE

Can you recommend me doing everything I need for the best results without complications? (Photo)

Having Modified facelift (Rhytidectomy)Dot Fractional CO2 Laser, Face & Neck,Dermal graft 2 Lips & Fat transfer 2 Face.Fat taken from abdomen 2 Face &... READ MORE

Does having a face lift at 40 mean you can't have one at 65? The problem being prior surgery and very thin skin.

Doctor suggested we could do upper lids, laser under eyes and mouth (one pass). Return after required healing. Use fillers for nasolabial folds, smile... READ MORE

What to do? When to do it? (Photos)

I wanted to be able to respond to the Dr. responses and add I had Co2 Laser 1 year after stopping smoking when I was 45. My lips bother me the most at... READ MORE

Two weeks out of facelift surgery which included laser resurfacing chemical peel. I am bright red from nose to chin. (photo)

Dr. says to give it time. He is giving me oxygenic's even one dose of prednisone but it doesn't look like it's fading. Can it go on for months? I... READ MORE

7 weeks post op Facelift and laser resurfacing. I got food poisoning and threw up all night. Will everything be okay?

It hurt when I threw up. I am swollen and had red spots on my face. I hope I didn't mess up my facelift! READ MORE

What is the best cheek wrinkle treatment? Surgery? Laser? Peels? Injectibles?

I'm 51. I've had fraxle laser twice, I've tried sculptural to raise up droopy skin. I've tried ultherapy. I use retinols and continue to with stem... READ MORE

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