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Is a Facelift the Only Answer for Marionette Lines and Jowls?

I'm 66 and a happy person. But I look sad because of the lines going down from the corners of my mouth to each side of my chin. I also have little... READ MORE

Procedures to Improve Bottom Heavy Face?

I would like to have surgery to improve my jawline but I'm confused about my options. I assume I will need Liposuction, but what about the neck bands... READ MORE

Early Signs of Jowling. Best Course of Action? (photo)

Hi, I am in my mid twenties and one side of my jaw is less defined than the other. I seem to have more fat at the side of the mouth running downwards... READ MORE

Chances of Disfigurement from Facelift?

I will have a Facelift to have a cyst removed from near my jaw. How likely is it that a nerve will be touched making my face asymmetric? READ MORE

Can a Facelift Cause Damage to Jaw Movement, Mouth Opening? Can It Cause TMJ? What Can I Do to Treat This?

I am having difficulty and pain in opening my mouth and chewing. I am 2yrs from the facelift surgery. This started 4 months after surgery. What can I... READ MORE

Loose skin after jaw surgery - what are my options? (Photo)

Hello! About five years ago (I'm now 28) I received jaw surgery to correct my mandibular prognathism. I now have skin that appears to "hang" around my... READ MORE

Will Small Growth on Jawline Affect MACS Facelift?

I am considering getting a MACS Lift and have a small ball-like growth under my skin on my right jawline. It is about the size of the nail on my... READ MORE

I have a ridge/line near jaw after MACS facelift. Any suggestions? (photo)

My skin looks like it's pulled to much on one side creating a ridge /line with loose skin under it I'm only 4 days post op so hoping it's just... READ MORE

​​ ​At 41 yrs, I'm experiencing premature aging; nasolobial fold, heavy jaw. What Facelift treatment is recommended? (Photo)

I am 41 years old. I am experiencing premature aging. I have nasolabial fold, heavy jaw area and downward facing mouth corners?I consult a couple... READ MORE

Is it normal for the face and jaw to continue to swell throughout the day, and to cause headaches 6 weeks post facelift? (Photo)

I looked and felt better a week after the surgery, than I do now. The swelling never goes away, and seems to be getting worse. By about noon, my... READ MORE

15 days post op Neck & Facelift with Liposuction, I am sore, lumpy, bruised, and swollen on one side. Is this normal? (photos)

I had neck and facelift with liposuction 15 days ago and since the main swelling has gone I have a very sore swollen lumpy area under my jaw that... READ MORE

How long can you have tightness and pain after S-lift? I feel it more in my left cheek.

My question is do you think this will settle down. The tightness and pain. You can feel my Lt. cheek bone. Will my jaws relax? How long can this take... READ MORE

I have tightness / tingling on corner of jaw, part of neck and ear after parotid surgery 8 months ago. Any suggestion? (photo)

I had a pleomorphic adenoma removed in Oct 2014. I had a complication of a fistula which drained both into my mouth and out from the incision behind... READ MORE

Needing Facelift for jowls. Premature jowls resulting from mandible jaw angle reduction

Please answer all my questions.Thank you. 1What is the best type of facelift for jowls,lower face?(age:mid forties) 2 Would a facelift be stretching... READ MORE

What happened? What did he do? Where is my 'lift'? What can I do now? (Photo)

I had a full face, forehead, eye, and lower jaw lift. I was told my forehead & jawline would be smoother and that my eyes would be even and lifted.... READ MORE

Is there any way I can get my face shortened?

I rlly don't like my face... I have mental problems because everyday when I look in to the mirror I am dissatisfied. One thing is clear I got to get... READ MORE

I'm only 28 years old but possibly need a facelift? Or would chin implant help the problem? (Photo)

I do not know whether I need a facelift, chin implant or jaw surgery to fix my profile. READ MORE

Do I need a face lift of volume? (photos)

I had ultherapy done about a year ago. I have noticed my face looks aged, but I can't put my finger on it. My family members notice I look older as... READ MORE

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