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Am I Having an Allergic Reaction to Long Term PDS and Permanent Sutures Used on my Face Lift Performed 10 Months Ago?

I have had ongoing issues along the areas where sutures were placed for my deep plane facelift. In addition to continued but lessoning swelling and... READ MORE

Questions on Steroid Injection for Inflammation After Facelift?

1. Would a steroid injection for inflammation after a facelift cause weight gain? 2. In the past I've had rosacea -- could a steroid injection cause a... READ MORE

Saggy Cheeks and Nose?

My cheeks and nose sag a lot when i bend over or when i am lying on my back, i am 30 years old and it has been like this since i was about 16. I don't... READ MORE

My tragus and the back of both ears are still red and inflamed at 7 weeks post-op facelift. Is this normal? (Photos)

My tragus and the back of both ears are red and inflamed after 7 weeks post facelift revision. I called PS office and he said to go to ER or PCP. Went... READ MORE

I had a ​Mid Facelift via eyelid incision, 7 weeks ago. When will the tightness and inflammation go away?

I had mid facelift 7wks ago. The incision was made through the lower eyelids and corner of upper eye lids. It has been hard for me. I had to go to... READ MORE

Can permanent sutures used with facelift be removed? (photos)

1+ year after a skin lift (redo) I have scars/mal-positioned earlobes. Revision is no option given lack of skin. But a long permanent suture is poking... READ MORE

Should I have it sutured? (photos)

I just had facelift done at another country. I had inflammation at the back of my ear. The doctor said it will heal by itself, I like to know if I... READ MORE

If it's not salivary glands, then what it?

Question to Dr. answers, if its not the salivary glands then what can it be. My surgeon just said I am pron to inflammation and that I may need some... READ MORE

Facelift suture - sensitive, swelling, inflammation, fluid. What to do?

Internal facelift suture, going from behind ear up until neck (along jaw angle), few months ago poked through skin at back of ear. It's a long suture... READ MORE

Thick painful suture coming through scar behind ear after facelift - 1 month post-op. (photos)

Had facelift 5 weeks ago in another country. Scars I front of and behind ears. Told no sutures to be removed. Noticed very painful behind one ear in... READ MORE

Looking for a special needs Facelift?

I have myofascial pain due to inflammation and tightness in my stomach muscles.It mostly affects my jaw, neck and head. I have seen many different... READ MORE

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