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How Does Facelift Surgery Work?

I've been considering a facelift to look younger and get rid of some of the hanging skin along my jawline. What's involved in the facelift surgery?... READ MORE

Difference Between Types of Stitches for Facelift?

If a doctor uses a rolling stitch, instead of the very fine sutures I have seen used by some physicians for facelift incisions, is it more likely to... READ MORE

How Long Will Skin Puckers Along Incision Lines Last?

How long will skin puckers on the incision lines by ears (on temples) last? They are huge! READ MORE

How Can Surgeons Hide the Stitches from a Facelift?

Is there any way that the surgeon can put the stitches from a Facelift inside the ear? You can always tell someone has had a lift from those tell-tale... READ MORE

True Face Lift Incisions?

I had a facelift in Costa Rica 19 months ago. The results were gone within 3 months, and I had no incisions in the temple area! Now, if I pull up... READ MORE

How should I care for behind ear incisions after face and neck lift? They feel itchy and irritated.

Just a little over two weeks post opt, very itchy and irritated feeling? Using perioxide and antibiotic ointment 2 times a day. READ MORE

Infected incision behind ear? (photo)

Two weeks post op facelift and neck lift. Is it possible I may have a mild infection in this incision, and will washing with hibiclens and applying... READ MORE

Facelift Scar Red and Raised 11 Weeks Post-op

Facelift scar in front of one ear seems a little raised and red at 11 weeks. Should I be concerned about slightly raised area? I can't say I saw that... READ MORE

Wading Through Confusing Doctors' Opinions on Facelift

I am ready to make a decision on which surgeon to choose in Sacramento for Facelift. I'm not an extreme case. I'm 52. I've been examined by 5 drs to... READ MORE

Is Hifu bad, or did I get a bad result?

I am 42 years old. I went through hifu procedure almost 2 weeks ago for the first time (first timer in face treatments to be exact) and some parts of... READ MORE

Facelift Incisions - Concerned About Raised Sideburns?

Hello Doctors, I do not want raised sideburns after my facelift. I understand a "double-S" incision along the hairline is performed by some doctors to... READ MORE

Why would doctor do a short scar facelift with incision in front of tragus as opposed to behind it?

Is there a valid reason for a surgeon to perform a short scar facelift and neck lift on a thin women who is fair/blonde and opt to make the incision... READ MORE

Do Many Surgeons Make a Vertical Incision Behind the Ear when Doing a Facelift?

I ask this as I have seen some really horrendous scars with the horizontal cut behind the ear and wonder if the vertical incision would be best as it... READ MORE

Why Do Surgeons Choose One Incision Technique Over Another?

Why Do Some Plastic Surgeons Make Incisions in Hair-bearing Scalp when Doing a Facelift While Others Will Make the Incisions along the hairline, but... READ MORE

I Have a Loop of Hair That Got Caught in my Scalp Incision. Does It Need to Be Cut Out?

It gets caught in a comb & is sore but I'm only 4 weeks post op. Can I just cut it or does something need to be done about the hair under the... READ MORE

How long for my incisions to stop oozing?

Hi Everybody!I'm new to this forum, but have enjoyed reading the comments back to October. I am 57 and in good shape. I decided to get my upper and... READ MORE

Bald Spot from Mid Facelift Inciscion in Temple?

My temporal incision is about 4-5 weeks old from complications and removal of looplift its healing okay, it's red but has alot of hairloss around it... READ MORE

Facelift Options? (photo)

Considering facelift. Consulted several surgeons. Various options. One surgeon discussed more traditional facelift with incisions starting near temple... READ MORE

Is Re-opening a Tragus Incision a Bad Idea?

I've been to several consults and most drs have said they'd do either a pre or post tragus incision-that there are positives and negatives... READ MORE

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