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Midface Lift / Orbital Rim Implants

I had orbital rim implants plus deep plane midface lift with incisions through the mouth 2 weeks ago. The swelling is subsiding quickly however,my... READ MORE

Facial and Neck Pain Are Severe 6 Months After Facelift, Necklift, Chin PImplants, What Should I do?

I had a facelift,necklift,chin implant and fat injections. The pain in my face and neck are growing worse. In addition, my gums and inner lips have... READ MORE

Midface Lift Effect on Eyes and Prominent Cheekbones

Will a subperiosteal mid facelift with orbital rim implants make my eyes look smaller? What effect will it have on my prominent cheekbones? READ MORE

Cheek Implant Shifted After Facelift?

After a facelift in '97, my surgeon said he noticed that I had bone resorption around one cheek implant. Since, it has shifted down and now the... READ MORE

Any highly recommended facial plastic surgeon Chicago?

Hello, Can anyone recommend an excellent surgeon in Chicago for facelift, facelift scar revision and also anyone with experience cheek implants? Thank you READ MORE

Facelift or cheek implants?

Which procedure has longer lasting results... facelift or cheekbone implants? Do implants cause facial bone erosion? READ MORE

Facelift to reattach muscle after facial implant removal?

I'm 33 years old and i had a mandible silicone implant removal two months ago. Now i'm looking for some procedures ( such as facelift ) to... READ MORE

What the differences between Mid Face Lift and Cheekbone Implants?

I was looking for a good dr to have such a sexy cheekbones like natalie portman or megan fox , help please i have a very flat cheekbones , and i'm 25... READ MORE

Can the Incision for a Midface Lift Be Used for Inserting and Securing an Implant on the Zygomatic Arch?

I need a midface lift. My face is very narrow so I also want to have an implant right on the zygomatic bone and the first half of the zygomatic arch... READ MORE

Considering mid-face lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

My chief concern is nasolabial folds and a "drawn" face. I had suggested cheek implants, but my doc said I had enough cheek tissue when I smiled. His... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old. What is my best option for lifting/improving my face? (photos)

Noticed slight descent of face, jawline is no longer sharp as it used to be. Had filler in cheeks before (results have worn off) but am reluctant to... READ MORE

Cochlear Implants and Facelift Surgery?

I have two cochlear implants and have noticed that the work of the surgeons I admired tend to have scars in the same area where my cochlear implant... READ MORE

Do jaw implants or facelift procedures affect the action of facial muscles?

I'm interested in augmenting my jaw and possibly getting a facelift if the future. I play the flute and I'm concerned that these procedures may cause... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove cheek implants at same time as face lift?

I had cheek implants 5 months ago but they are too large & cause me pain & discomfort when I try to smile. I was told that they have stretched out my... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Facelift, I am considering eyelid weight implants. Which are best, the "Gold" or "Platinum" implants?

 With little to no improvement after 16 days -- we may be considering an eyelid weight implant. I understand there are "gold" and "platinum"... READ MORE

Cheek implants or bichat fat pad transpositioning with midface lift?

Because of cheekbone reduction my midface (also corner mouth) is sagging. I was by 3 surgeons for consultation to fix that.All of them wants to do an... READ MORE

Is a face lift, chin implant and neck lipo a good idea for me? (Photo)

33 and trying to find a solution for my overbite, jowls & saggy cheeks. I have a baby face, very tiny chin, a little overbite, & chubby cheeks... READ MORE

Prejowl chin implants may be a problem for a facelift?

FI quote “prejowl” implants—although they may fill in the prejowl sulcus, if the patient has a facelift then that added lateral augmentation may not b... READ MORE

Help with fluid filled malar edemas (Photo)

I had a facelift with coral cheek implants 3 months ago. I immediately developed malar edemas on both cheeks. They go away when I lie down sleeping... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a mid facelift and/or chin implant? (Photos)

Hi there. I'm 31 years old, as I entered my thirties I began to notice signs of aging, my face feels heavier and appears to droop downward. I often... READ MORE

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