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My face looks so square and bottom heavy. What treatment would you recommend; Facelift? Fillers? (photos)

Hi, approaching forty and I look awful. My face looks so square and bottom heavy. I have nasolabial folda and think I look musculine. Any tips as to... READ MORE

​​ ​At 41 yrs, I'm experiencing premature aging; nasolobial fold, heavy jaw. What Facelift treatment is recommended? (Photo)

I am 41 years old. I am experiencing premature aging. I have nasolabial fold, heavy jaw area and downward facing mouth corners?I consult a couple... READ MORE

Facelift, Nose Job, Upper Blephroplast and Fat Transplant at the Same Time?

Recently a month ago I had facelift upper blephroplasty and nose job at the same time. During the surgery mydoctor told me that he cut the muscle... READ MORE

Will the Mini Facelift work on a black 55 yr old female? (photos)

I have nasal and smile lines and heavy eyelids I look tired when I'm not. What can I do? Without much pain. I'm a hair stylist self employed.... READ MORE

What is the best (and longest-lasting) facelift technique to lift heavy jowls?

I am confused by different techniques & vectors etc. It seems conclusive that the SMAS is the key, but is an extended/high SMAS lift different to... READ MORE

Facelift in early thirties? (photos)

I have always had heavy, saggy lower cheeks. I do have nice high cheek bones but the whole shape of my face is ruined by the lower area. I am carrying... READ MORE

What to do with unhappy facelift and cheek lift? I get married in four months. I am 3 months post op. (photos)

I had a facelift, cheeklift , fat removal from cheeks, fat added to nasal fold. I feel I don't look good, I look older and we spent 30 thousand. My... READ MORE

Facial droop in 31 year-old after poor sculptural placement. Will a facelift help? (photos)

I now have a bottom heavy face after 4 vials of sculptural placed a year and 3 months ago. Will a facelift help me?? I'm seeking a doctor that can help. READ MORE

I have never liked my face! It's long and thin. However, now I am aging and getting bags and sagging. SHould I get a Facelift?

I was just wondering, if you have not liked your face in the first place, would it be worth it to get plastic surgery for aging? I really can't stand... READ MORE

Male: Facelift at 41? - Or which other procedure(s)? (Photo)

Would like to look refreshed, not different: My heavy eyelids make me look somewhat tired. However, I am anxious to avoid blepharoplasty, which seem... READ MORE

Will a facelift help?

Hi doctors. I had jaw and cheekbone reduced and now experiencing soft tissue pitosis. I am 33 years old and have good laxity, however, my soft tissue... READ MORE

My ear is concrete dead since facelift 3 weeks ago. He removed A non malignant bean size mass I had since 5 behind my ear.

During surgery it wasn't deadened enough in that area and had to have more local. The last thing I felt was ear being cauterized. Since then most of... READ MORE

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