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Are Sutures Ever Placed Horizontally in Back of Head at the Hairline?

Is it common to place sutures for a necklift (or lower facelift) in the back of the head, just behind the ears, but horizontally in the hairline? I... READ MORE

How to resolve facial sagging post cancer treatment?

I have had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for head and neck cancer. One eye and half of my face droops. I have been cancer free for 4 years. I... READ MORE

When can I turn my head after face and neck lift surgery?

I'm seeing how much I take for granted my ability to turn my head. When will I be able to turn it safely without ripping apart at the seams? Until... READ MORE

Mini Face Lift and Eyebrow Lift With Soft Spot On Back of My Head?

I have a soft spot on the back of my head since birth I am 55 I was thinking about a mini facelift and eyebrow lift done under local would it be safe... READ MORE

I have sharp shooting pain in head post face/neck lift. Any suggestions?

I am 5 days post op from a lower face/neck lift as well as upper and lower eyelid surgery..I've developed a sharp shooting pain in my head which seems... READ MORE

15years after facelift and neck lift I started experiencing extreme head pressure. Many negative mri's and specialists. Is it du

Been to every neurologist. Neurosurgeons for neck and Shands hospital for evaluation. Nothing has worked. Yesterday in emergency room the doc... READ MORE

I have been considering a facelift. Are head and neck surgeons board certified and allowed to do facelifts?

I have been considering a facelift. I have some problem in my jowls and Neck. I saw a head and neck surgeon that specializes in facelifts and is board... READ MORE

Can head shape alter in facelift surgery?

Most of the facelift surgery pictures I have seen have the same head shape in before and after pictures, however some look very different. What can be... READ MORE

Looking for a special needs Facelift?

I have myofascial pain due to inflammation and tightness in my stomach muscles.It mostly affects my jaw, neck and head. I have seen many different... READ MORE

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