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Hard Swollen Mass Under New Jawline 1 Month After Facelift/Necklift? (photo)

It's been a month since my facelift/necklift. There is a hard swollen mass that sits under the beautiful new jawline that I have had drained every... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have the Skin in Front of the Ears to Be Hard and a Discolored (But Not Very Swollen ) 3 Days Aftert a Facelift?

I had a facelift 3 days ago. The doctor made my incision in front of the ears. So far everything is perfect except the skin in front of both ears is... READ MORE

Post FL - face feeling "hard" or "stiff". What causes this?

What causes the "hardness" of face after a face lift? I've read this in several postings and am curious about this post surgical problem which goes... READ MORE

Extreme swelling and overly tight face lift. 55 yr old woman 5 days out from surgery and look like a monster! (photo)

Will I ever look like I did before? My of side is rock hard but not red. Will the asymmetrical smile get better? Will I ever see my cheek bones again?... READ MORE

I am 2 yrs po facelift. Under chin is hard and lumpy. Choking with head down. My ps said he doesn't know what is wrong. (Photo)

I am 2 yrs po facelift. Under chin and jaw is still large and hard lumpy. I have has echo on thyroid and there is no prob. My ps is nasty and has said... READ MORE

Recovery from facelift, fat transfer and CO2 laser procedure.

I had a facelift, fat transfer (cheeks, temples and a bit in lips) and CO2 laser 7 days ago. How long should the numbness around my ears, sides of... READ MORE

What causes those verticals bands ?? And why does my day cream stay white on that part of my neck ?? (photos)

7 weeks post face and neck lift with liposuction ...I am noticing these verticals bands when i strecth my head ...are those permanent ? I know i am... READ MORE

4 - months out from lower face lift and platysmplasty. What would cause the operative sites to feel hard and inflexible?

My skin feels leathery, and my face feels hard in places. There is a lot of tightness with pulling sensations in my neck and around the ears.... READ MORE

11 weeks after facelift I have an unsightly clearly defined hard area which is not receding with massage. Should I worry?(photo)

!! weeks postop I am very happy with the left side but on the roght I have this unsightly chicken drumstick-shaped hard area which shows no signs of... READ MORE

Do internal facelift sutures remain palpable forever? I can feel a small hard lump on cheek in front of each ear in same place.

One year post-op. Not sure what type of facelift I had, and surgeon doesn't seem willing to go into detail. I think it was some type of imbrication or... READ MORE

Can I get my smile back after nerve cut or damaged? (Photos)

Full facelift, neck life, & lips/jowl areas, neck lump? Done mid July. Pics: trying to bare my teeth-impossible to bare... READ MORE

My surgery was Feb 9. With swelling ( still stiff and hard and swollen) how far along should I be ? (photos) face still looks pulled especially the cheeks, my right cheek. It is HARD to touch. Is this normal? Also my left eye, lower side is a... READ MORE

Puzzling post-facelift complication - can you help? (photo)

I had a facelift in early May. Several weeks later I developed the area shown in the photo, which is over a hard lump beneath the skin. I have been... READ MORE

Is this normal healing or something I should be worried about? (Photos)

I had a lower face/neck lift and liposuction three weeks ago. My neck is very hard and swollen When i put my head back i can see and feel a vertical... READ MORE

My neck is very swollen after facelift the 24 of feb. I have two "fields" from my ear to my neck, on both sides. Normal?(photos)

I have no pain and only my cheeks are still a bit swollen.I haven't regain all sensation after surgery on cheeks and all ear yet, but it comes back... READ MORE

What to do if given empty promises, misled, not given enough information about recovery period and type of surgery?

I had a Midface lift 5 month ago, I look bad, Disfigured or older. I was so excited by all things doctor and his assistant said my surgery can do but... READ MORE

Within 3 days after surgery I had developed a hard horizontal ridge beneath the chin incision. What is this? (photos)

I am 10 days out of surgery full face lift & eye lift. Within 3 days , I had developed this hard rige under the chin incision. My Dr. Has never... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Late stage hematoma. Would I get better results doing the steroid injections or heat and massage? (photos)

Thanks to all that responded to my 1st post. Everyone was correct, late stage hematoma requiring drainage. Still in the healing process 3 weeks post... READ MORE

Isolaz four month after facelift?

A couple of months after facelift i started to break out: i have whiteheads, blackheads. Can i do isolaz after a facelift? i went for two facials and... READ MORE

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