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Will Numbness Go Away After a Cut to the Forehead?

I recently cut my forehead down to the bone (shape of a backwards C approx. 3"). I have had my stitches removed a few days ago. Cut is healing well,... READ MORE

I am 36 years old. Do I need a facelift? (Photo)

My forehead and cheeks are sagging and it makes me look very depressed. I have to constantly hold a more uplifted expression on my face to combat the... READ MORE

2 years post op, I still have numbness in my face after Facelift. Is this normal?

I had a facelift over 2 years ago. I have numbness in my face, forehead and neck. I have seen a neurologist but he says it is what it is. My problem... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait before having botox after a face lift?

I had a full face lift, with eyes & forehead done as well. I still have crows feet which I have been treating for years successfully with botox... READ MORE

Is 49-year-old woman too young for a Face-lift?

I’m 49-year-old woman and so frustrated with my drooped, hooded eye lids, lots of wrinkles on my forehead, severe nasolabial folds and have lost the e... READ MORE

Can I have a scar revision after mid Facelift? (photos)

Some few years ago I had a mid face lift done. I wanted to tighten up my cheeks which were hanging. To start out with I was satisfied with the result.... READ MORE

What happened? What did he do? Where is my 'lift'? What can I do now? (Photo)

I had a full face, forehead, eye, and lower jaw lift. I was told my forehead & jawline would be smoother and that my eyes would be even and lifted.... READ MORE

What would you recommend? (photos)

Almost 53-years old. I have been told I would benefit from a face and neck lift (I agree), but I also think I could benefit from forehead and/or eye... READ MORE

My face is so uneven. What should I do? (Phtoo)

It is like the right side of my face is from my father and the left one from my mother. Different forehead sides, different sculp and backhead,... READ MORE

How much for a full face lift- and forehead lift?

I am a 60 year old woman, considering face lift. My forehead is also in need of a lift. Does a face lift include forehead lift? How much for the whole... READ MORE

Day 19 and still stiff. Is this about right? (Photo)

Still stiff and eye a little bloody. Face still feels pulled. Ear numb. It feels the swelling is traveling down my face. Does that seem right? Parts... READ MORE

Incision 10" made across my hairline on my forehead, but he did not do a lift. (photos)

My brows are in the same place now as before surgery. I confronted the doctor and he admitted that AFTER the incision was made, he decided not to do... READ MORE

Does it take 8 hrs to do face, eyelid, and forehead lift surgery?

A doctor whom I went to have a consultation told me that it will take 8 hours for him to do a face, eye lid and forehead lift surgery. Wow! I will... READ MORE

I had a facelift 5 months ago. I have ended up with a double chin and no definite jawline.

My only issue was a little slackness around my jawline. I mean only a little. 6 months on after my facelift I have sunken temples, awful fatty kind of... READ MORE

Why is my turkey neck coming back 4 months after Neck and Facelift? (photos)

Why is turkey neck coming back I had my for head cut along top , temples, ears in front and behind, under chin. and fat added. 6-8 hrs in surgery... READ MORE

Exploding hematomas post-facelift. What is the cause?

I had a terrifying complication 9 days post full facelift after a gentle hour stroll - three huge hematomas formed under my forehead, violently... READ MORE

Sagging neck - I had a full, neck, face, forehead lift & fat. Almost 70.

I had a full, neck face forehead lift & fat. I went to one of the top doc's and did my research for 3 yrs asked questions .. . I am almost 70 and... READ MORE

3 months post op, I am sad with results. Had full face lift and CO2 Laser. (Photos)

I had  incisions: along forehead, both ears,chin& CO2Lazer.Post op looks just about 3 months. I'm don't know what happened. I can see sagging.... READ MORE

46 year old. I have had fillers in the past, is it time for a facelift? If not, what would you suggest? (Photo)

I've had fillers in tear troughs, jowls, cheeks and laugh lines plus Botox in forehead. I liked the results of all except the jowls. I feel as though... READ MORE

Do you prefer to see patients without botox for the initial facelift consult?

I'm going out of state for my consultation, and by that time my forehead botox will have worn off and I'll be wrinkled and droopy. Do you prefer to... READ MORE

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