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Facelift or Fat Transfer for Lower Cheek Fat Loss?

I am 37 years old, and my problem area is my lower cheeks. Is it time for me to have a facelift or would fat grafting be enough? READ MORE

How long will swelling last after face lift and fat transfer? (photo)

I had a facelift & fat transfer on 12th Nov .Fat transfer amounts (3cc lower eye,1cc upper, 2cc temple,3.5 cc buccal, 0.5 cc upper lip, 0.5cc lower... READ MORE

Is a Facelift an Option for a Young Patient After Weight Loss?

I've lost 25-30 lbs which has left me with asymmetrically sagging skin and fat, puffy look. I've become very insecure about it and no longer feel... READ MORE

My cheeks seem to be falling near the centre of my face, making me look aged. Am I a good candidate for a midface lift? (Photo)

My cheeks seem to be falling toward the center of my face, causing an aged look. I know I can get my face filled but I feel that placement of fat is... READ MORE

No Subcataneous Fat Between Facial Skin and SMAS, Have any of You Seen this Before?

I recently had a facelift. When my Plastic Surgeon lifted the skin, he found no subcataneous fat layer between the skin and the muscle. NONE! In his... READ MORE

Can Long Term Results Be Expected from Multiple Facial Surgeries?

I am scheduled for a facelift, brow lift, eyelid lift, CO2 laser, fat injections. I am 49 years old and very scared of the surgery itself. How long... READ MORE

Honest opinions on midface vs fat transfer urgent! 49 years old. Fat Cher vs midface/lower bleph/ face lift procedure? (photo)

I Read reviews on mid/lower bleph/fh lift procedure and considering one or other in Roch ny by fmr AAFPRF Pres. fellow. Do I do fat transfer or go for... READ MORE

Will neck liposuction cause loose skin for me? Or it might need liposuction combined with face lift? (photo)

I am a 35 years old man who would like to find out the best method to get rid of my double chin and improve my jawline and face symmetric . I also... READ MORE

I had a facelift with fat transfer a week ago. Can I still ice my face? (photos)

I had a facelift with fat transfer a week ago. I haven't used ice since the first 48 hours. I still have numbness and swelling. I have heard... READ MORE

Recovery from facelift, fat transfer and CO2 laser procedure.

I had a facelift, fat transfer (cheeks, temples and a bit in lips) and CO2 laser 7 days ago. How long should the numbness around my ears, sides of... READ MORE

What do you think? Facelift/neck lift? Fillers and Botox or fat transfer? (photos)

43 but feel like I'm 23. The past few years I've noticed less volume, for the record I think I already have a thin face. The upper eyelids stand out... READ MORE

Differences between 3 types of Facelifts. (Photo)

I want to look about 10 years younger and eliminate some of my cheek fat, tighten the loose skin on my neck & under my chin. I have 3 estimates... READ MORE

What to do with unhappy facelift and cheek lift? I get married in four months. I am 3 months post op. (photos)

I had a facelift, cheeklift , fat removal from cheeks, fat added to nasal fold. I feel I don't look good, I look older and we spent 30 thousand. My... READ MORE

Face feels like it's collapsing after so much fat was removed from lower face after facelift 2 years ago. What can help? (Photo)

I had a facelift from Warren Katz 2 years ago. He removed a large amount of subcutaneous fat from my lower and side face. This has been a nightmare... READ MORE

What types of face lift would be recommended for me? (photos)

And what would be the benefits and downside of fat transfer to cheeks, as I'm allergic to synthetic protein fillers, any thoughts most appreciated,... READ MORE

Full facelift. Why are the full face lift results so disappointing? I did a full facelift with upper eyelid. (photos)

I am concern was the neck and the upper eyelid. between my browns never had any wrinkles or loose skin. is giving me this big two bumpy lines. I... READ MORE

Are there Dr's who can respond to my primary questions regarding my concern about the removal of fat from my cheeks? (photos)

Please note the earlier pics I uploaded in the links below. Thank you in advance! /// I am not certain if Dr. Blinski agrees that the fat transfer is... READ MORE

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