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Facelift for Patient Prone to Keloids?

Can you have a Facelift if you are prone to keloid scarring? Can I have a Eye lift, too? READ MORE

Wondering About Facelift- How Painful? Do I Need To Treat My Eyelids Too? (photo)

Im a 47y.o with lower eye bags and jowls starting, im considering lower bleph and one surgeon i spoke with suggested a standard lift for correction of... READ MORE

Swelling and Red Lines After Multiple Procedures

I had Facelift,Cheek Lift, Lip Lift, Blepharoplasty, and Rhinoplasty 5 months ago. Have normal numbness around ears and jawbone. Happy with results... READ MORE

Asymmetry and Lump After Mini Facelift and Eyelid Surgeries

I had a mini facelift 6 years ago (the procedure was performed twice at that time). I also had 2 procedures performed on my eyes - upper and lower... READ MORE

How Visible Are the Scars in an Eyelid-access Midface Lift?

My docs wants to perform a midface lift by going in through my eye. I guess that means an incision and a visible scar. so how noticable is the eyelid... READ MORE

What Brow Lift Options Are Just As Effective As a Face Lift to Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids?

Will Botox injections lift and smooth the brow as effectively as a brow lift? READ MORE

Can Long Term Results Be Expected from Multiple Facial Surgeries?

I am scheduled for a facelift, brow lift, eyelid lift, CO2 laser, fat injections. I am 49 years old and very scared of the surgery itself. How long... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Face The Public 11 Days After MAC Lift and Bleroplasty?

I am having liposuction to thighs and abdomen as well as MAC's lift and maybe bleroplasty will i beable to face the public after 11 days as I am... READ MORE

Concerns After Midface Lift and Eyelid Surgery

I had Midface Lift and lower Eyelid surgery 4 weeks ago. I can't feel my top lip still more in left side. I still have stitches in my mouth and can't... READ MORE

Thinking of some work on my face...possible necklift/facelift - any suggestions (Photo)

Hello, I'm a 58 Irish Female and I am thinking about possible procedures on my face. I'm not looking for anything drastic. I just want to look... READ MORE

Hi, I Would Like to Know What my Options Are for Shortening my Face and to Possibly Correct the Asymmetry of my Eyes? (photo)

Hi. I have considered getting lip augmentation on my upper lip and raising the corners of my mouth, as well as cheek implants, so that my face doesn't... READ MORE

Can Your Sinuses Be Injured, Cut or Brused During a Face Lift?

Watching the procedure on You Tube it looks pretty rough. Also, how do they avoid cutting eye during the eye lift surgery. I'm thinking of having... READ MORE

Ten Months After Facelift Am Unable to Blink Involuntarily in Right Eye, What Would You Recommend?

Ten months after facelift right eye still unable to blink involuntarily.Am using drops and ointment at night since eye does not stay closed at night.... READ MORE

Will the Mini Facelift work on a black 55 yr old female? (photos)

I have nasal and smile lines and heavy eyelids I look tired when I'm not. What can I do? Without much pain. I'm a hair stylist self employed.... READ MORE

Saggy face at 26, what are my options? (photos)

I'm 26, I had a revision rhino January this year, I've broken my nose a few times and my right nostril had almost fully collapsed. They also suggested... READ MORE

How long is too long to leave sutures in place?

I had a lower face lift and upper eye-lid lift 9 days ago. The surgeon removed the stitches in my eyelids at 7 days, but has left/ will leave the... READ MORE

Should I have facelift? Necklift? or just Blephoplasty? (Photo)

So I am considering surgery... I have had plastics in the past but have been afraid to consider anything around my face. Now my eyelids are getting in... READ MORE

Will facelift and bleph give me what I'm hoping for? (photo)

I am 43yrs old and wear a size 4. To look at my face, you'd think I am a plus sized gal. I've had a few consultations with different options suggested... READ MORE

How can I best clean my eyes from all the goop and crust? And to treat the dry bruised shiner below. (photos)

I had the sutures removed from my upper and lower lids (4 days post op) but my vision is not clear. What can I use to keep them clean but not irritate... READ MORE

How long should deep face and neck lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty last?

My doctor told me it will last 2,5 -3 hours only . Is it possible ???? I am not looking for mini lift . I am looking for real deep lift ... READ MORE

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