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Why does face look different when I tie my hair up, in comparison to when I wear it down?

As part of my job role i had to up my hair in ponny tail on daily basis. I have been doing this for past 12 years and now i have noticed when i let my... READ MORE

Will a Temporal Lift For Brows And Excess Eyelid Skin Alter the Hairline? (photo)

I am considering a temporal lift to elevate the side of my eyebrows and correct excess skin on upper lids. Will the placing of the incisions alter the... READ MORE

Can Long Term Results Be Expected from Multiple Facial Surgeries?

I am scheduled for a facelift, brow lift, eyelid lift, CO2 laser, fat injections. I am 49 years old and very scared of the surgery itself. How long... READ MORE

Facelift with Fat Transfer, Brow Lift and Canthopexy?

I am super unhappy with my cantho results. I didn't realize it would change the shape of my eye. It's too almond-cat like and I am very sad about it.... READ MORE

I am 36 years old. Do I need a facelift? (Photo)

My forehead and cheeks are sagging and it makes me look very depressed. I have to constantly hold a more uplifted expression on my face to combat the... READ MORE

Inherited Heavy Brows and Deep Nasolabial Folds (22 Years Old)?

I inherited heavy brows and very deep nasolabial folds. I've already done blepharoplasty but there's hardly any difference. People give me +10 years... READ MORE

Frozen Eyebrow After Facelift 18 Mths Ago! What Can I Do?

I had a mini facelift 18mths ago & since then my right eyebrow is frozen!The incision is at the ear & after the hairline hidden in between my... READ MORE

Facelift, Nose Job, Upper Blephroplast and Fat Transplant at the Same Time?

Recently a month ago I had facelift upper blephroplasty and nose job at the same time. During the surgery mydoctor told me that he cut the muscle... READ MORE

My Left Eyebrow Seems to Have Migrated. Could It Be A Result of My 2 Back Teeth Missing? (photo)

...and has become pronouncedly lower than the right. I read through the site, and understand that this can be caused by dental issues; I have 2 back... READ MORE

What can be done to correct some of the issues 9 weeks post Face Lift? (photos)

I am 9 weeks post smas FL ..upper and lower blephs .. but I still have areas of concern, and would like to know what can be done to rectify theses... READ MORE

Do I need a facelift to improve the look of my face? (Photos)

I wanted to ask if I need a face lift I am 46 currently get Botox also are my eyebrows in a good position I wanted to know do I need to get anything... READ MORE

Huge visible signs after eyebrow/facelift lift surgery. (photos)

Pictures are one month after eyebrow lift or facelift surgery. Is these visible huge scar lines are going to be ok or its permanent? What options are... READ MORE

What should I have first, a facelift or an eyebrow transplant? (photos)

I am a 46 year old woman and would like to have both an eyebrow transplant and a facelift sometime in the next two years. Is it better to have a... READ MORE

Will lift up a face or will lift toward both sides during a Facelift?

I would like ask that during a facelift , toward which side lifts the face? Toward up or toward both sides? Or that is depend from type of surgery or... READ MORE

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