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My Face is Swollen After Deep Plane Facelift, When Will This And Bruising Subside? Worried About Returning To Work.

It's been 5 days since my facelift. My face is swollen and the chin area is swollen. And there is bruising. Brusing can be covered with makeup but... READ MORE

Does Facial Asymmetry After Plastic Surgery Go Away? How Long Does It Take?

I had a mid-face and neck lift and lower eyelid resurfacing over 5 weeks ago and never was told about the possibility of asymmetry of the face. I can... READ MORE

What Happens When Browlift and Facelift Start to Sag Again?

I'm considering a brow and facelift. How long will the results last. Do people look a little strange as the face starts to fall again as the years... READ MORE

Will I Need Further Face Lift? (photo)

Had a macs face lift three months ago.I had a thin face and no sagging to neck but some jowls.I had fat grafting to cheeks.I had a long face with good... READ MORE

What kind of improvements does one see after several months of Facelift?

Thank you to all the doctors who answered my earlier questions regarding face lift. I keep hearing that I will see the final result after 6 - 8 months... READ MORE

Why does it appear I have lost all benefit to my lower facelift and necklift? I had my surgery ten months ago. (photo)

My sagging around the mouth has returned and any benefit to my neck is completely gone. Is this normal, are my expectations too high? Am I responsible... READ MORE

What software do you use to give your clients a chance to see what they can expect after a procedure?

I am interested in getting a liquid facelift but I would like to see what it will look like before I get it done. I had a breast augmentation done and... READ MORE

Facelift expectations - was I expecting too much?

Ace lift at the end of December. The cost was $11,000. There is still swelling directly under my chin and no real change in my chin definition. It... READ MORE

How to predict what a facelift will look like?

When I lie on my back, I look pretty good. Is that what I may look like after a facelift? READ MORE

I had a lower face/neck lift 6 wks ago but it looks like jowls are coming back, is this just swelling? (Photos)

I would be keen to know your opinion as to whether I am expecting too much or I should be going back to surgeon to review? I can see an... READ MORE

What should I be looking out for after a facelift?

I'm Five days out from a facelift upper and lower bleph and neck lift What things should I be looking out for that might go wrong so I can be on top... READ MORE

I got HIFU treatment four days ago (face and neck area). Since then I have strong headache.

There are pain around the cheekbone, jaw, brown bones (sensitive when I touch these areas) but the constant headache what bothers me... i took... READ MORE

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