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Will a Temporal Lift For Brows And Excess Eyelid Skin Alter the Hairline? (photo)

I am considering a temporal lift to elevate the side of my eyebrows and correct excess skin on upper lids. Will the placing of the incisions alter the... READ MORE

Will I Need a Facelift to Fix my Neck?

Will I need a face lift to fix my neck, I am only 42 and have extra skin on neck when I look down. Is it possible to do just a neck lift? READ MORE

I'm 21 and hate my smile. I think I have excess fat on my chin, which causes unevenness and weird dimples. What will fix this?

I am thin but have always had a strange and uneven chin. One side is bigger than the other when I smile. I think it is either excess fat or skin over... READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of excess facial skin?

What is the best procedure to get rid of extra skin in the lower cheek area? Im a 44 year old male and skin in my lower cheek and jawline has become... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Excessive Sagging in the Face from Continuous Weight Gain and Weight Loss? (photo)

I have always had a problem in keeping my body weight stable. I have an enormous amount of excess skin on my face and body. I also tend to have a very... READ MORE

Can't get any doctors to do lower facelift: Say not enough skin. True? (Photos)

I have tried EVERY temporary procedure to correct what I want corrected which is an end to my squaring face! I have had no resolve. I want a permanent... READ MORE

I have excess skin when I smile between my cheekbones and eyes from my facelift. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I had a facelift, neck lift, excess skin removed from lower eyes and rhinoplasty in Nov 2013 (no brow lift). I have to where my glasses just to hid... READ MORE

My left cheek and large nasolabial fold hang much lower than the right. Any suggestions?

I'm 60 and had a smaz mid-face/neck lift 2 years ago, and don't want to do another facelift. Everything still looks good except only one nasolabial... READ MORE

I lost 100 lbs and am considering a Facelift but I am only 25 years old. Any suggestions? (photos)

So I used to weight 240 and now I am 140 and am left with what I feel like excessive skin and drooping on my face. It's given me a mean look and a... READ MORE

Is this still swelling? Higher cheekbones and wider face 2 months after Facelift.

I had a facelift to remove permanent filler, nothing else discussed except the removal of excess skin after filler and fibrosis are removed from nlf... READ MORE

I had a complete facelift on Oct. 1st of 2014 so I'm in the 7 month of recovery and would like an opinion? (photos)

Would a revision to eyes and cheeks help remove more of the wrinkles and excess skin , sagging that seems to be returning? I tried dermapen treatments... READ MORE

Would a facelift work for 38 y/o male to improve facial structure and decrease wrinkles? (Photo)

I'm very unhappy with my very 'doughy' and 'drooping' face. My body is very fit, yet my face looks very full and I have a lot of excess skin,... READ MORE

What is the difference between a lower face lift and a neck lift please?

I have had an asymmetic double chin to the left of my face since I was young. I am now 71 and having lost 3 stone - I was very overweight - in 2012,... READ MORE

Is this the best way to fix the problem? (Photo)

I had a face and neck lift 10 months ago and have some skin laxity under my chin. My plastic surgeon has suggested that he cut out the excess skin. Is... READ MORE

After facelift/neck lift, is it common to still have excess skin still under chin? (Photos)

My Plastic Surgeon's assistant claims at my age 68, it is common to still have excess skin. 6 months post I am not happy with results. Assistant did... READ MORE

After my surgery, I realized my doctor & I weren't in the same page about the surgery! What are my options?

I fly to US to do my first ever surgery in my life to fix droopiness & excess skin after weight loss. In my 10 minutes preop, I showed him my... READ MORE

Is a PA allowed to cut excess skin and help out in facelift surgery?

Is a PA allowed to cut excess skin and help out in facelift surgery READ MORE

Mid-face, skin removal only. Any suggestions?

Hi. i am 43 and considering a mid-face lift. i have a very small face and feel fillers will make my cheeks too big. additionally, i would like a... READ MORE

Is it really possible to have a facial lift to the cheek area, resulting in no excess skin?

I always noticed a mention of excess skin and removal of it here at realself. have recently consulted a plastic surgeon regarding a facial lift for... READ MORE

My idea of what I want to achieve. (Photo)

With a facelift, eyelid excess skin removal and a smaller feminie nose (THAT MUST HAVE AN UPTURN ON THE TIP!!!) I have put photos to show my ideal... READ MORE

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