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I Had the Endotine Mid Face Lift 6 Weeks Ago and my Left Cheek is Still Very Swollen, What Should I Do? (photo)

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your replies. I had the endotine mid face/cheek lift 6 weeks ago. The swelling on my right cheek went down... READ MORE

Is Endotine mid face lift effective and how long will the effect last? (photo)

How long will endotine mid lift last in reality.I was told by a a local doctor up to 10 years but is this the truth or just marketing Does connecting... READ MORE

Are Staples Apropriate for Mid- Face Lift? (photo)

I just had an Endotine midface lift with lifting the corner of the eyes only by vertical excision of skin above the years just behind the hairline.I... READ MORE

Endotine Mid Face Lift- What Can I Expect in Terms of Length of Time Bruising Swelling?

I am considering the endotine mid face lift. The surgeon's website is quite honest saying "considerable" swelling and bruising. I went to another ps... READ MORE

Has Anyone Ever Reported Adhesions from a Facelift?

I am almost three years post-op from a mid-face lift, chin implant, and an endotine device. I have terrible (painful) tightness underneath it all from... READ MORE

Will Endotine Cause Weakness or Loss of Facial Expression Like Traditional Facelift?

Hi, I want to know if Endotine can be done repeatedly without damaging facial expression? I mean if I do it this year, and after 5 years when it is no... READ MORE

Endotine Insertion Query?

8 wks. post cheek endotine lift (& forehead/lower facelift). There's a divot on my left cheek, which is improved but still definitely there. Had a... READ MORE

Whats the difference between a endotine mid face lift and a thread lift?

Which is the best and what lasts the longest, an endotine mid face lift or a thread lift? READ MORE

I want to remove the screws (of Endotine) after 1 and a half years. Is it available and difficult?

Hello, I did the Endotine to lift my cheekbone in Seoul 1 and a half year ago, from then on, I have been getting a migraine. Also, I can feel the lump... READ MORE

Fix a endotine cheek lift?

I had a endotine cheek "lift" 3 years ago with neck lipo. Unfortunately, all it did was give me big cheeks and sagging jowls, and numbness on my upper... READ MORE

I am seeking advice as to the success of an endotine device as opposed to regular sutures. Any thoughts?

A doctor whom I have consulted uses: "the endotine midface device instead of non-absorbable sutures in mid-facelifts, lowering the risk of skin... READ MORE

How long does a mid facelift last?

Sir I have a question to you. that is - if some one wear endotine midface in his/her cheek than how long he will get support by endotine midface I... READ MORE

Is suspension stitch or endotine preferred method for modern midface lifting?

Is suspension stitch or endotine preferred method for modern midface lifting? And does lift via gum and temples risk a horizontal cheek widening... READ MORE

What kind of surgery is best for my middle facelift?

I'm 29 ,I m thinking about endotine lift for my mid face,because it seems easy to recovery,do I make a good choice? READ MORE

How many indications in general do patients get from fat suction done to lower mid cheek area?

Would endotinefacelift be better? I have too much fat and volume in the lowermidcheek area (outside from nasolabial folds)I have understood there... READ MORE

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