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Can Alma Laser's New ClearLift Really Help my 62 Yr. Old Face and Jaw/neckline?

How do I find out what doctors in my area perform it . Has anyone had it done? How Long Does It Last and How Much Does It Cost? READ MORE

Does the Trademarked 'LazerLift' Really Work?

How about as just an alternative for a woman in her 40's that only needs a mini facelift, or not quite even that yet. READ MORE

Will lymph drainage massage help after a Facelift?

I have heard Lymphatic Massage helps against swelling after a FL. Is this true or just preformed because of the placebo effect? It is quite expense... READ MORE

Does the Smartlift Facelift Work?

Hi doctors I have been reading about the new smartlift facelift done with lasers. It is supposed to offer all the benefits of a facelift with little... READ MORE

How effective is Caci microcurrent in firming up the skin?

I am 49 and starting to lose firmness around the jawline. My therapist has recommended a Caci microcurrent facial to tighten up the muscles but a... READ MORE

Is HIFU as effective specifically at age 56 on Asian skin type?? (photos)

What are the down sides of HIFU/ Ulthera , worse case . How does one know the Dr handling your face is qualified or not to do the job. what is the... READ MORE

Face Lift. Bothered By My Jowls? (photo)

My jowls are bothering me constantly. I am confused because of how different opinion I get. I have seen some plastic surgerons and some of them say I... READ MORE

Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy effective?

I have been offered hyperbaric oxygen therapy after a face lift for an additional fee. Is this therapy proven to shorten healing time? How many... READ MORE

Does the Procedure Facelift Through Ultrasound Work?

Martha Stewart had a guess {doctor?} that demonstrated it had a woman there showing results. I think the premise was that the ultrasound heated and... READ MORE

Can plastic surgeons burn the corrugator muscles during facelift to stop them from working? Age 60

I have deep furrows between my eyes and if I'm not animated or smiling I look mad/mean. I am having a full face lift and my surgeon said he could burn... READ MORE

I have had several consultations for a facelift with differing opinions. It has left me very confused. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have 8 years of stress and grief written all over my face after caretaking my husband who just passed away from cancer. I cannot afford the $20,000+... READ MORE

Is it harder to get a good result over age 60 when you have a facelift? They seem to be more effective on younger people

It seems that after a year many of the facelift fail on people over the age of 60. Is the face of an older person harder to get good lasting results? READ MORE

How effective is a one stitch face lift, and is it permanent?

How much effective one stitch face lift ? How long will it gives results? Please reply Thank you READ MORE

What is currently the best, most effective procedure to correct marionette lines and nasolabial folds? (Photo)

I would like a surgery or treatment to eliminate the marionette lines and nasolabial folds. What is the current, best, most effective way to do this?... READ MORE

Is the feather lift effective?

I am 56, asian, female. I am thinking of getting a "feather lift" on my slightly sagging jawline. I've seen videos on the procedure. I'd like to know... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Face lift vs mini face lift?

I am 58 years old Asian woman love bing in Los angeles. A year ago I had a sub periostesl mid face lift to eliminate the tear trough. I noticed my... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this sagging skin, wrinkles, & texture?? I'm only 31. What procedures would be most effective? (photo)

I have enlarged pores and droopy skin and i just want to look my age. I dont even smoke and i eat healthy but i know i need to see a professional.... READ MORE

I am 55 and wanting to explore facelifts. Which procedure is the most effective?

I wish to explore different face lifts i wish to know which is most effective . i am considering a stem cell face lift , followed by ultheray to start... READ MORE

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