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What Kind of Facelift Leaves the Smallest Scar with the Best Possible Results?

I want to have a facelift to address slight jowls and perhaps double chin but I hate scars. It seems that most facelifts will leave obvious scary... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Hollow Sagging Face and Double Chin and Turkey Neck? (photo)

I am 29 will be 30 in December and have been sick for 8 months. I have lost weight and feel like my face has aged 10 years. Can someone please help i... READ MORE

Still Have Jowls / Double Chin 2 Months Post Op Neck and Face Lift. Will It Improve?

I still have jowls and double chin. Loose skin is better than before. READ MORE

Non-invasive Treatment for Double Chin and Neck?

I found out that I have a Factor 11 problem when I was going through my pre-op tests for a Facelift. My biggest problem is my double chin, neck that... READ MORE

Facelift/necklift, so many "after" photos show a small pouch of hanging skin under chin. Why is that?

I've noticed in many "after" pics that there seems to be more often than not loose skin right under chin on many patients. I want to rid myself of... READ MORE

Should I Have a Face Lift or Lipo to Correct Double Chin?

I have a double chin which is getting worse all the time. I don't think i have too much extra fat on my face, so the fat under my chin really... READ MORE

Is this bad or negligent surgery, and can it be corrected please? How would you go about it? (Photo)

Face and necklift done Nov 2012, with fat grafts placed along my lower cheek/jaw which was not what was asked for. Left me with a double chin... READ MORE

Face/Neck Lift and Fat Transfer to Eye/Nose/Lip Area

5 Days ago I  had Face/Neck Lift and Fat Transfer to eye/nose/lip area. I am very swollen and Double Chin is still there and sides of my face are... READ MORE

I have stretch mark and lumps after three weeks Facelift surgery. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, I have a facelift surgery almost three weeks now and still see a stretch mark on the side of my right face. I also have neck liposuction but have... READ MORE

Full of Visible Scars and Long 'Wild' Cuts and Stitches on Both Ears! What Can I Do?

I had face lift surgery for double chin reduction in a famous hospital at trivandrum (india) before 16 was a night mare.face become... READ MORE

2 months post op facelif, neck, bleps. What are my options? (photos)

Still have jowls and saggy skin. I also still have a double chin.  Left side of face looks larger and has jowl. Will facial massages help? READ MORE

What is happening to my neck? (photos)

6.5 months post surgery (out of state - I have been sending my surgeon photos but not heard back from him). The left hand side of my neck has a... READ MORE

MACS facelift vs full blown facelift?

Thanks to the Surgeons that take the time to answer questions, but I feel insulted when surgeons respond to a MACS facelift as"easy fast way out"for... READ MORE

I look very old contrary to my age that is 29 years male. I want a symmetrical good looking face. (Photo)

1 Want a long neck,face free of double chin,symmetrical ,long nose but I am well aware that we cannot be exactly like anyone,its the type of face I... READ MORE

Face lift for sagging face? (Photo)

I am only 34 but my face is already sagging. I have jowls and a slight double chin. It is a family trait, not a weight issue. I am 5'3 and 115lb. What... READ MORE

Can sutures fail only 3 months after a full facelift?

My facelift steadily sagging- 3 months post-op -more on one side verses the other. Sagging on (left) side may be loose skin that remained on left back... READ MORE

Do I need a facelift? Or what kind of treatment would you recommend? (Photos)

I'm 35 years old. I did a double-chin liposuction and I also reduced my cheeks. I had no big skin problems before, but the procedure made it worst. My... READ MORE

What is the difference between a lower face lift and a neck lift please?

I have had an asymmetic double chin to the left of my face since I was young. I am now 71 and having lost 3 stone - I was very overweight - in 2012,... READ MORE

Facelift vs facial lipo vs injection vs surgery for men ?

What's the best safe method for men to lose double chin and slight thick cheeks to create a more sharper jawline look? At same time to reduce nabia... READ MORE

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