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Who is the Top Facelift Surgeon in South Florida?

Can someone please let me know who is considered the top plastic surgeon for faclifts in the South Florida aread (Miami, Boca, West Palm, etc). Thanks... READ MORE

How Do I Find the Best Doctor for a Neck/face/lift?

The more I read the more confused I get. When I inquire I get asked question like "what's your zip code". I don't give a rip where... READ MORE

How Much Does Ribbon Facelift Cost?

Who performs the ribbon facelift and where is it available? How much would it cost? READ MORE

Miami Facelift Doctor Recommendations

What doctor would you recommend for a Facelift in south Florida? There are so many cosmetic surgery centers down here I was wondering if it's better... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Good and Inexpensive Facelift

I Am Looking for a Good and Inexpensive Surgeon for a Facelift Procedure in the U.S.Can Anybody Help? READ MORE

Where to Find Doctors Trained in Smart Lift (Laser Assisted Lift)?

Where can I find a list of doctors trained/certifide to perform the "Smartlift" procedure? READ MORE

What would be the best non surgical procedure for jowl sagging?

I've read bad reviews re Feather lift. What would be the best alternative that is non-invasive, longer lasting and short downtime for a slightly... READ MORE

56 Y/O Japanese Woman - Asian or Western Doctor?

I'm 56 Japanese woman. I would like to remove under eye puffiness and face lift together. Do you recommend Asian specialist Dr or any plastic Dr ?... READ MORE

Should I Wait a Couple of More Years for Cosmetic Surgery?

What Age is Recommended for a Chin and Jowl Lift and at what age is a facelift recommnded for a chin and frown line lift? I'm 43 years old and... READ MORE

Who Does a Deep Plane Facelift?

I have had 2 disastrous facelifts,in that the results were nil. The results lasted only a matter of months,and i am sure that only the skin was lifted... READ MORE

Facelift, Salt and Face Swelling Please Help.

After a facelift on Nov 15, it is now Apr 2 I have pain and swelling on my face around the parotid gland. It gets worst if I eat anything with salt.... READ MORE

Out of Town Facelift & Recovery

Hello, I am interested in traveling out of town for facial surgery and returning home 2 weeks later. Are there surgery and recovery centers in the... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for a Facelift in NY Area

After researching this issue I am leaning towards the deep plane face lift procedure, primarily because I have not viewed any before and after photos... READ MORE

Looking for a Surgeon Who Can Lift my Face That Was Filled with Metacrill Several Years Ago.

Did see someone who said he could give me a S-lift, and lip reduction..His fee was way too high and he told me the surgery would not be long nor... READ MORE

Who in Denver/Metro Does Corset Neck Lift with Full Face Lift? (photo)

58-year old woman wants to find a qualified plastic surgeon in Colorado for: Corset Neck Lift with a Full Face Lift, revision to 2007 rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Minnesota Mid Facelift Doctor Recommendations

I am 30 years old and have noticed that my malar bags are becoming more prominent. They are not festoons but look more like malar mounds. I never had... READ MORE

I Am Looking for a Chicago Area Dr. That Specializes in Face Lifts and Not Tummy Tucks and Breast Lifts?

I Am Looking for a Chicago Area Dr. That Specializes in Face Lifts and Not Tummy Tucks and Breast Lifts? READ MORE

Facelift Expert in New York for Younger Patients.

I’m a 45 year old woman who will be in New York beginning of September and Im planning to consult with at least 5 surgeons. Which surgeon would... READ MORE

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