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10 Weeks Post Op Face & Neck Lift, Edema in Jowls, When Will It Dissipate?

I had a face neck lift, now 10 weeks post op, little swelling & bruising after op, feel good & had a great surgeon but have some edema in... READ MORE

Facelift Sutures Permanent or Absorbable - How Do You Determine if a Facelift is Well Done?

If the sutures that stabilize the SMAS layers in their new position are dissolvable would that improve the longevity of the facelift? As the facial... READ MORE

How long should it take for the stitches behind my ears to dissolve after mid face lift?

How long should it take for the stitches behind my ears to dissolve after having a mid face lift. Can anything be done to help the process? READ MORE

What is the Purpose of "Dissolvable" Implants in a Mid Face Lift?

I saw a PS in Nevada and he recommended a mid face lift and "disolvable" implants. He is board certified and I trust his advice but I have... READ MORE

Can you have a facelift if you have juvederm in the apples of the cheeks?

I am going for a second facelift plus a necklift after 10 years. About 2 months ago I got some restylane under the eyes and Juvederm to fill out the... READ MORE

It Has Been 5 Months and I Still Have Sutures That Haven't Dissolved and Feel Like a Cord Cutting Under my Chin from Ear to Ear?

So what are my options? My doctor suggested possible steroid injections at 6 months to hasten the dissolving. What will I look like with... READ MORE

Sutures showing below eye corner on upper cheek area after face lift and fat transfer. Is this normal?

I had a face lift & fat transfer on May 1st. I have a noticeable suture showing by my eye above the cheek bone. Is this normal for a suture to show... READ MORE

New Generation threads?

There are many new generation facial threads that dissolve that have now come onto the market. I can see by the reviews that in previous years they... READ MORE

Do I need to dissolve the fillers in my jaw line before a facelift?

The fillers are in the jawline , and i don't understand why my Doctor says its not necessary to dissolve, before the facelift Remember the fillers are... READ MORE

It's been 3 1/2 weeks since my face lift surgery, neck, brow, eyes. How long will it take the sutures to dissolve?

My eyes are still almond shaped and don't close all the way. How long will it take for the sutures In my eyes to dissolve? READ MORE

After stitches were removed from front and back of my ears after the Face/Neck Lift, I can see and feel NEW stitches coming out?

Scars are amazingly invisible and not red. when i applied scar cream on my scars i can feel new stitches coming out...i went to my doctor, and he... READ MORE

How long will it take for my wounds and dissolving sutures to go away? (Photos)

I'm 4 1/2 weeks out of surgery how can I help my wounds not to scar? The right side brow lift scab came off this morning in my hair, I cleaned it,... READ MORE

Facelift 8 weeks ago. Left side looks concerning. Very red. It's as if it's stretching the scar. (Photos)

When I saw my Surgeon a week ago he said I was healing well. I didn't notice this at the time. However he said that some of my dissolving stitches... READ MORE

3 months after my face & neck surgery on one side only I have stubs? Will they dissolve if they did not so far?

My doctor said if they will not dissolve he will need to give me a shot with steroids. Is there other way to make those stitches to dissolve? READ MORE

Absorbable suture thread is popped out on the temple area

Hi i had facelift 6 weeks ago in other state so i wont be able to visit my surgeon but i was able to speak with him over the phone. I asked him about... READ MORE

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