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People keep telling me I look old and I'm only 46. How can I improve my looks? (Photo)

I've just lost 14 pounds in weight as people kept calling me fat Marilyn, now people keep telling me i look old. My face has shrunk but the skin looks... READ MORE

How can I get a more defined appearance and slimmer cheeks? Malar fat pad removal or mid face lift? I am 24

The right side of my cheek is what really bothers me...there is a deeper naaiolabial fold and more "meat" on this area...where as the left malar fat... READ MORE

What procedures do you recommend for me to have an overall better-looking face? (photos)

I want to have a face similiar to a model's face. High cheekbones, small defined cheeks, and a strong defined jawline/chin. Are there any non-surgical... READ MORE

At age 45, I understand a facelift would be best, perhaps augmented with other treatments. What should be done? (Photo)

I am aged 46, and have gained and lost and gained again 25 pounds over the past ten years. I have tried to manage areas of my face with injectables,... READ MORE

Turning 30 in March - hoping to turn back the clock what should I have done? Endoscopic facelift? (Photos)

Not sure if I should have mid face lift? I downloaded an app that simulates surgery.. it straightened my nose and made my jaw more defined. I'll post... READ MORE

I'm 48 with good skin but I've lost jawline definition. Am I a candidate for a facelift? (photos)

I'm 48 and whilst I have relatively good skin which is wrinkle free, I've lost jawline definition, (a weight gain issue I feel) I also hate my... READ MORE

Facelift expectations - was I expecting too much?

Ace lift at the end of December. The cost was $11,000. There is still swelling directly under my chin and no real change in my chin definition. It... READ MORE

Interested in a facelift with fat transfer simultaneously. What type of lift would you suggest for me? (photos)

I lost 90lbs 5 years ago and my face seems to be paying the price. I am bothers by loss of volume in my cheeks, deep nasal labial folds, jowls,... READ MORE

I had a facelift 5 months ago. I have ended up with a double chin and no definite jawline.

My only issue was a little slackness around my jawline. I mean only a little. 6 months on after my facelift I have sunken temples, awful fatty kind of... READ MORE

Want a more youthful face. Unhappy with lack of definition and my crooked, small unmatched lips. I am 57, healthy. (Photo)

I had a mid face-lift with fat removal from cheeks, jowls and upper eyelids 12 years ago. Great results now fading with age. What would you suggest to... READ MORE

Facelift - chin: In some before/after facelift photos I notice that the face looks longer and the chin looks larger.

In some before/after facelift photos I notice that the face looks longer and the chin looks larger with everything in a sharp v rather than a round... READ MORE

Should I consider a face lift at age 40 to reduce appearance of a scar? (Photo)

I am 40, no wrinkles yet, save for the slight furrow between my eyes. I was in an accident at age 17 which caused some scarring on my left cheek. My... READ MORE

Feeling depressed with fat under neck, lost definition in jowl area and cheeks, heavy nasolabial folds. Options? (photo)

I am in my mid 40. I live in northern Virginia. I am very conscious about the droopyness on my face and needs some input on what minimum cost... READ MORE

What are possible solutions after an unsuccessful short incision facelift that has left me with a wider face without contours?

I posted previously and received a range of answers. After consulting with other surgeons there was consensus that my original concerns were not... READ MORE

Is this normal 4 weeks post op face/neck lift? It looks worse than before. (Photos)

It looks worse than before. I always had a much more defined jaw line. I am currently doing lymphatic drainage massage but also was told it may... READ MORE

Can I thin my skin?

Okay, so I'm not sure if this is possible or not. But I feel my skin, or that on my face at least, is thick. I'm not overweight or anything, but when... READ MORE

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