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Healing Time - Deep Plane Lift Vs. SMAS Lift?

Is the healing time different btwn a deep plane and a smas lift? READ MORE

Results from Deep Plane Facelift

How Long Does It Take to See Results from a Deep Plane Facelift. I Had One a Month Ago. Don't See Change. Family Says No Dif READ MORE

Had facelift and woke up with raspy deep voice. Should I be worried about a voice box injury?

Had facelift fee days ago and I woke up with a raspy deep voice. The. Nurse was worried. What can i do to get better and should I be worried about a... READ MORE

What can be done for deep lines in my cheek area from years of smiling?

I am in my sixties and in good health but, I am reading so many horror stories at this site it is scary. I so not want a facelift and I am fair skinned. READ MORE

I need a deep facelift for my mid-face and my low-face. Which type would have a best longer result?

I want the best longer result and don't mind the longer downtime: for mid and lower facelift, I want to have Deep plant or composite facelift. which... READ MORE

I'm 57. Is it time for a facelift. Too many fillers? (photos)

I have had fillers in my nasal folds and last Friday had Voluma around my cheeks to "lift". I also had Volbella for some deep wrinkles above my upper... READ MORE

Can I get my smile back after nerve cut or damaged? (Photos)

Full facelift, neck life, & lips/jowl areas, neck lump? Done mid July. Pics: trying to bare my teeth-impossible to bare... READ MORE

Deep Wrinkle on left side of jaw - did not go away after having Facelift/Midface lift and Necklift (Photo)

I had a Facelifft / Midface lift and Neck lift - 6 weeks ago and was hoping that the horizontal wrinkle along my left jaw line would go away. My... READ MORE

Deep tissue facelift. What does deep tissue mean?

Hi, there is facelift that treat deep tissue. And also the one treat ligament. What is different? What is deep tissue mean? Is it SMAS? Or ligament? READ MORE

At early 50's I feel very older on the outside than my inside. (Photos)

I want lower facelift( hate those deep laugh lines) , eye bags remove, make my nose to have a tip, improve my skin texture with skin laser. I am in my... READ MORE

How can plastic surgery fix the deep frown lines and the lines around my lips and under my nose?

I have deep lines around both my bottom and top lips. It looks as if my mouth was sewn shut. I feel like I am much older than my actual age, and I am... READ MORE

What type of facelift would be best to greatly reduce severe and deep facial creases (cheeks and eyes) when smiling? (Photos)

My chief complaints(s) are the DEEP cheek creases when I smile. I would like to GREATLY REDUCE these creases upon smiling and well as reduce the... READ MORE

Once swelling went down I was left with deep lines on hematoma surfaces. How long will this last and what can be done? (photo)

I had a facelift 3 weeks ago. I knew about the possibility of hematomas and have hematomas on both sides of my face. But what worries me are the... READ MORE

Cheek implants causing accelerated mid-face aging?

I had cheek implants placed 8 years ago. The left side of my face has a deeply recessed scar from a dog bite injury that occurred 20 years ago. It... READ MORE

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