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I Am 3 Weeks Post-op from a Facelift and Now Have a Crooked Smile. Permanent?

I am 3 weeks post-op from a facelift and now have a crooked smile. How can I tell if this is permanent? My right bottom lip won't move down, so... READ MORE

My Smile is Crooked 23 Days Post Face and Neck Lift? (photo)

My smile is crooked and it has been 23 days post face and neck lift etc. None of the other patients where I was had this happen and they all had face... READ MORE

Crooked Mouth and Numb Lip 13 Months After Facelift - Is Recovery Still Possible?

Thirteen months ago, I had a midface lift performed by a highly respected board-certified plastic surgeon. My upper lip is still swollen and numb... READ MORE

When Will I See the Final Result of a Macs Face Lift? (photo)

Had a macs face lift six weeks ago. I had a good recovery as I am healthy and a non smoker.i researched and chose a well reputed surgeon.I am... READ MORE

Sagging/asymmetry with Nerve Damage at 28? (photo)

Hi, I'm a 28 and 3 years ago I had an injury on the left side of my face (right in photo) damaging nerves. It is only minor in a way that only I... READ MORE

Bell's palsy face lift? (photos)

7 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, I experienced what I know now to be Bell's Palsy. As you can see from the photo, my nostrils,... READ MORE

I'm 46, Requesting a Plan to Age Gracefully. Any suggestions? (photos)

Multiple signs of aging, including jowls, neck sagging, tired eyes and dull skin.I am including pics of the WORST. Also included a couple made up and... READ MORE

My Face is Looking Wrong, What Can I do to Fix it? (photo)

Teeth gap. lips are weird,twisted nose,eye bigger than the other one. my nose is crookedmy upper lip is not equal.sometimes i feel i have bigger... READ MORE

I'm looking for a cosmetic surgeon or facial surgeon to do my facelift. (Photo)

I want to look youthful again and look the best that I can look. I'm 62 and feel I look much older. I'm hoping someone out there can help me. My top... READ MORE

Can an endoscopic face lift along with facial fat grafting help my ugly long face? (Photo)

I have no cheeks and I have hollow eyes and sagging in face so if I get a endoscopic mid face lift I don't think I have any fag under my skin that can... READ MORE

Want a more youthful face. Unhappy with lack of definition and my crooked, small unmatched lips. I am 57, healthy. (Photo)

I had a mid face-lift with fat removal from cheeks, jowls and upper eyelids 12 years ago. Great results now fading with age. What would you suggest to... READ MORE

Definite Chin Revision (Implant Crooked): Mid Face Lift or Cheek implant/ Lower Eye Lift? Don't want fat transfer/filler.(photo)

Due to a recent -40lb+ weight loss & aging, my face has lost a lot of volume. I have a 10yr old chin implant that is crooked, that I'd like... READ MORE

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