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Is it OK to Use Hirudoid Cream on the Lumpines Under my Chin After a Facelift 15 Days Ago?

I was told I could massage this area firmly after 2 weeks but am wondering if I should use hirudoid to speed up the process as it is still quite a... READ MORE

What causes those verticals bands ?? And why does my day cream stay white on that part of my neck ?? (photos)

7 weeks post face and neck lift with liposuction ...I am noticing these verticals bands when i strecth my head ...are those permanent ? I know i am... READ MORE

Is there any way I can improve this scar from a facelift? (Photo)

I asked specifically about placement scars prior to my surgery and was unpleasantly surprised with the result. It has been six months now and despite... READ MORE

Suggested treatment for wrinkles and loose skin around my mouth area? (photos)

Hi! I'm a 46 yr old woman who is 8 yrs post gastric bypass. Can the wrinkles & loose skin around my mouth be "fixed"? Also looking to smooth out... READ MORE

Should I be using any special cream on my face, before and after my lift? (Photo)

I have a facelift procedure coming up the first of feb. Plus a fat transfer for my cheeks. Should i be using any special cream on my face now, plus... READ MORE

Why do the left and right sides of my face look so different after facelift? (Photo)

I had a face/neck lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty 11/08/16. I ask my friend to take a pic from behind the ears - I was shocked how much... READ MORE

Gigantic hematoma and some smaller ones. Any suggestions? (photos)

Facelift 6/15. This "egg" appeared on my cheekbone 3 weeks later, along with the other red areas which are also hematomas, and is very painful. Are... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me good silicone cream that I can buy for a mini facial lift?

I m having surgery in another country and I need to buy silicone base cream for face. I need name brands not sure what to buy. Also if you have any... READ MORE

Pain in cheekbone 14months after facelift in thailand. What do you think this could be and should I see a doctor.

Hello, I am an Australian, about 6 months after my face lift I had some fillers in my cheeks etc. recently whilst applying skin cream etc. I have... READ MORE

Red and puckered facelift scars? (Photos)

I had an R facelift 88 days ago and these are todays photos. The scars are red and puckered and my ears are still painful. My surgeon says this is... READ MORE

Swelling, firmness & blackspot, should I see a dermatologist?

Facelift on 6/28/17, still swelling, firmness and black spot on the cheek. Don't hurt, smell or bleed. Surgeon prescribed a cream with bleach. Should... READ MORE

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