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Facelift with Fat Transfer, Brow Lift and Canthopexy?

I am super unhappy with my cantho results. I didn't realize it would change the shape of my eye. It's too almond-cat like and I am very sad about it.... READ MORE

Can I Be Helped with Revision Surgery or Some Other Procedure? (photo)

Rhytidectomy (face lift) (June 2011) After 3 corrective procedures (Sept. 2011, January 2012, April 2012) my face looks awful. My neck sags on the... READ MORE

What can be done to correct indent under cheek after facelift? It looks hollow. (Photo)

One side of my face appears much tighter and there is an indent under my cheek. Also that side (left) is a bit larger. Im thinking I might need a... READ MORE

Ears look unnatural after facelift - can you explain why and can it be corrected? Is there a name for the disfigurement? (Photo)

I had a full (not mini) facelift almost 7 months ago, with incisions from in temple hairline, behind tragus and around the bottom of earlobe, behind... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done for my facial asymmetry, and how much does it cost to be corrected? (Photo)

I don't feel unhappy with my appearance, but as I spend a lot of time behind and in front of a camera (I study film), I notice that my face is... READ MORE

Can cheek implant sagging be corrected fully by midface lift?

I have high malar cheek implants, silicone 4mm. Can the tissue stretching be fully repaired by facelift. I feel that the implants have me a fat... READ MORE

16 Year Old Bad, Uneven Facelift, What Less Invasive Treatments Could I Do to Correct?

Sixteen years ago, I had a facelift. The skin on one side of my face was lifted TOO tightly and tautly - it is horribly obvious. The skin on both... READ MORE

Can a facelift procedure be corrected?

I just had a facelift, fat removed from chin and jowls. My main concern was the "wind blown" look or the skin being pulled too tight. Day 1, I look... READ MORE

Horizontal ridges on cheeks after facelift. Can this be corrected with surgery?

I had a facelift just over a year ago. After 6 months I began noticing some horizontal ridges on one cheek, as if the skin had been unevenly pulled.... READ MORE

Will a Facelift Help After a Jaw Implant Was Removed?

How to correct any soft tissue deformity that was created by jaw implant removed? Can I regain the original contour of my face by face lift ? READ MORE

Why is my face sagging a month after my Facelift? (photos)

I had a full face lift in August 2016 and September its sagging and getting worse. Dr. did a full face lift and its falling and I look awful. What do... READ MORE

16 months ago I had a deep plane face lift. Now the skin on my cheeks looks draped. (Photo(

What caused this and how can it be corrected? I was 65 at the time of the lift. READ MORE

What is the solution when over a year after surgery the right side of face is significantly fuller than the left ? (photos)

I had surgery 1 year and 3 months ago and Fear having corrective surgery. The right side of face always feels tight and is fuller whereas the left... READ MORE

Part3: Can a joker smile EVER be corrected after a facelift?

Thank you all for your answers. So my next question is basically around the "end result" if the smile is a joker smile? Will removal of juvederm or... READ MORE

Was told a corset procedure w/ full facelift is the only way to correct appearance of my prominent platysma muscles? (photo)

I'm wondering if (or hoping!) there are alternative treatments. TIA for your time and consideration :-) READ MORE

I had a facelift 10 months ago. My left ear still feels like it's clogged and seems to have gotten worse over time.

I recently visited an ENT and will be undergoing extensive tests to determine the cause of this. In your opinion, what might be a reason for this... READ MORE

How does one end up with one pixie ear immediately post op? Is it a standard to match sides before finishing the procedure?

Facelift revised for persistent neck skin laxity. After 2 hrs (muscle tightened and skin removed), I went home to find one ear lobe stretched/deformed... READ MORE

I have lower Eyelid retraction after mid face is it correctable? (photo)

I had mid face lift 4 months ago. Too much skin removed. Now- retraction-3-5 mm both eyes. What are my options for correction? Сan it be corrected ... READ MORE

Best approach to damaged/torn nerve from facelift? (Photos)

Hi lower face and neck lift 13 days ago. Smile now as in pics. After saying it would correct, Dr suddenly wanted to take me back into surgery now to... READ MORE

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