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After 2 Weeks of a Face Lift and Corners of Mouth Are Drooping Downward, Can It Be Fixed or is This Permanent?

After 2 Weeks of a Face Lift and Corners of Mouth Are drooping Downward, Can It Be Fixed or is This Permanent READ MORE

Can a facelift & neck lift, lip lift and lip corner lift all be performed at the same time?

I am 48 and will be getting a face lift and neck lift. I have very thin lips and am not interested in fillers. On researching this site, I like the... READ MORE

What can I do about sagging on the outer corners of my mouth? I'm only 25 and don't want a facelift. (Photo)

I've always had those little pockets outside my mouth but now they are much worse. Along with nasolabial folds, skin around my chin is sagging. My... READ MORE

I am a 35 year old man that is having some issues with some loss of volume around the corner of the mouth area. (Photo)

I noticed this occurred about a year after using a antidepressant for some sleep issues. I have read online that using antidepressants causes people... READ MORE

Is there an eyelift that lifts the upper outer corners of the eyelid?

Hello, When I lift up the outer corners of my upper eyelids I really like the way it looks. Is there a type of surgery that does this? Is it a type of... READ MORE

Facelift with correct ligament or mid face lift?

Is face lift good for lifting corner of mouse? how about marionette line and nasolabial fold? I look tighten face after my mini lift and I am happy... READ MORE

Bullhorn ore corner lift. (photos)

Hello ! I am 6 month after facelift . Swoolen parts gone , thanks for it . But I am not younger than before ! In fact I am older . Is it because of a.... READ MORE

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