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After 2 Weeks of a Face Lift and Corners of Mouth Are Drooping Downward, Can It Be Fixed or is This Permanent?

After 2 Weeks of a Face Lift and Corners of Mouth Are drooping Downward, Can It Be Fixed or is This Permanent READ MORE

Can a facelift & neck lift, lip lift and lip corner lift all be performed at the same time?

I am 48 and will be getting a face lift and neck lift. I have very thin lips and am not interested in fillers. On researching this site, I like the... READ MORE

Is there an eyelift that lifts the upper outer corners of the eyelid?

Hello, When I lift up the outer corners of my upper eyelids I really like the way it looks. Is there a type of surgery that does this? Is it a type of... READ MORE

I am a 35 year old man that is having some issues with some loss of volume around the corner of the mouth area. (Photo)

I noticed this occurred about a year after using a antidepressant for some sleep issues. I have read online that using antidepressants causes people... READ MORE

What can I do about sagging on the outer corners of my mouth? I'm only 25 and don't want a facelift. (Photo)

I've always had those little pockets outside my mouth but now they are much worse. Along with nasolabial folds, skin around my chin is sagging. My... READ MORE

Facelift with correct ligament or mid face lift?

Is face lift good for lifting corner of mouse? how about marionette line and nasolabial fold? I look tighten face after my mini lift and I am happy... READ MORE

How does a soof lift help to lift the corners of mouth?

 Is the malar fat pad / bichet fat involved in soof or is that a more involved midface? I dont want an unnatural midface lift - just a small... READ MORE

Bruises under eyes and mouth after upper and lower blepharoplasties and fat injections.

After facelift/necklift surgery 6 days ago, I still have dark bruises under my eyes, in my eyelids, and under the corners of my mouth. Is this normal... READ MORE

Bullhorn ore corner lift. (photos)

Hello ! I am 6 month after facelift . Swoolen parts gone , thanks for it . But I am not younger than before ! In fact I am older . Is it because of a.... READ MORE

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