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Why Do Some Doctors Say to Expect Feeling Depressed After a Full Face and Brow Lift?

I had a face lift in the past, and felt for the most part, just fine. I had absolutely no depression or mood changes. However, some docs are not... READ MORE

Is It Necessary for the Surgeon to Put in Drains when Completing a Full Facelift?

I've had several consultations. One doctor puts in drains, one doesn't, and one uses glue. READ MORE

Is HRT Safe During and Before a Full Face Lift?

My present physician , to my surprise, told me i must be entirely off all hrt for both 2 weeks post and pre op to achieve significant results. i have... READ MORE

Where Will The Scars Be For A Facelift, Blepharoplasty & Subnasal Lip Lift?

If you are having multiple procedures done, does the surgeon do the pre-surgical markings and show the patient where the scars will be placed? READ MORE

I have had several consultations for a facelift with differing opinions. It has left me very confused. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have 8 years of stress and grief written all over my face after caretaking my husband who just passed away from cancer. I cannot afford the $20,000+... READ MORE

Does it help to bring old photos to a facelift consultation? (Photo)

Does it help the PS to see how you looked in years past.. or is that irrelevant at this pint. READ MORE

Filler or Facelift? (photos)

Went for a consult today for filler and not sure if it would help? I don't know if I would be better off doing a mini face lift or lower lid surgery... READ MORE

Just want an opinion from a Doctors it insulting or offensive to go back to the doctor I did not choose?

I went to several Doctors for facelift consultations. I narrowed it down to two Doctors. I chose one of them to do a weekend lift and am not thrilled... READ MORE

Why do some doctors use drains after a facelift and some don't?

I have been to several doctors for consultations and some say they use drains and keep their patients overnight and some say they don't need to use... READ MORE

Is it "rude" or inappropriate for me to ask during a consult how many deep plane facelifts the PS does?

Docs say that a patient's face must be carefully evaluated and matched to the "right" surgical technique. IF the PS exclusively does some variation of... READ MORE

Are pre-op visits a standard-of-care for facelifts?

I had a consult with a reputable PS I really like. Called the following week & scheduled my procedure for 6 or 7 wks later; gave a deposit. A month... READ MORE

Worried about dentures during and after facelift surgery. Any suggestions?

I have dentures and they fit fairly nicely. Most people don't even know I don't have my own teeth. I am positive that I am going to have a facelift... READ MORE

During surgery, eyes or face first?

I'm having a facelift as well as an upper and lower blepharoplasty. The lower will be transcutaneous. In your opinion, is it best to perform the lower... READ MORE

Do you prefer to see patients without botox for the initial facelift consult?

I'm going out of state for my consultation, and by that time my forehead botox will have worn off and I'll be wrinkled and droopy. Do you prefer to... READ MORE

What questions to ask a PS?

I am getting ready for a first consult with a PS for a facelift/necklift. I would like to know what questions are important to ask and what answers I... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: Where can you get a free FaceLift consultation in Tampa Florida?

Where can a person that lives in Florida near Tampa go to get a free consultation .with honest advice not to try and push a face lift,Not everyone has... READ MORE

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